Finnish Jazz Federation renews its visual identity and introduces a new logo. From September 21st on, the new website will provide information about the organisation's activities in three languages.

Finnish Jazz Federation is an advocacy organisation for Finnish jazz music and culture. It serves the sector as a specialist organisation and an active production arm both nationally and internationally. Jazz Finland operates regionally through its 46 independent member organisations.

Graphic designer, photographer Tero Ahonen, who created the logo, visual identity and web page, drew inspiration from the music itself:
– The idea behind the design reflects what jazz is to me: mathematical precision with a resistance to conformity!

Since 2014, Finnish Jazz Federation website has shared a website with the Jazz Finland database. The Jazz Finland website contains a database on Finnish jazz practitioners, a national concert calendar, and a news section.

– The Jazz Finland database continues to be a service available for everyone, providing a one-stop shop for information about Finnish jazz artists and practitioners, events and venues, new publications and other industry news in Finnish and English, tells Executive Director Maria Silvennoinen from the Finnish Jazz Federation.

– But we wanted the Finnish Jazz Federation to have its own website, where we can communicate about our activities and projects in a more efficient way. It is important to us that all Finnish Jazz Federation related information is effortlessly and accessibly available. We wished the new visual identity to be fresh, with a hint of jazz to it, and that's what we got. The new logo is modern, but reflects also the long history of the federation. The graphic elements can be seen as a tapestry that is composed of small fragments, like music, Silvennoinen details.

The new Finnish Jazz Federation website is accessible at in Finnish, Swedish and English.
The Jazz Finland database can be found at