Filharmonia Festival 2018

The Filharmonia Festival 2018 at Jazovia Gliwice, Poland is ready! The convention of this festival is still developing and they do not want to stop expanding it. A special guest of this year's at Filharmonia Festival: Chick Corea.

In Poland, or more precisely in Gliwice, the 4th edition of the Filharmonia Festival will take place very soon. The organizer and promoter of these events is also a member of the Europe Jazz Network. Despite the fact that they combine various musical genres, artistic formats and people who are focused around events organized as part of the Filharmonia Festival, jazz is a great strength of this venture. The main feature of the “Filharmonia” is the presentation and expression of the universal beauty of music, in its various advanced scenes. This was the assumption of Krzysztof Kobyliński at the time of establishing this festival in 2014.

Today this thesis is intensified and they try to make the rich artistic program, so that it could reach every format of sensitivity. The world of the “Filharmonia” are mainly artists who are the pillar of musical achievements of humanity, musicians wanting to show their artistic space, and this year also works of art without those the culture would be absolutely much poorer. The Filharmonia Festival 2018 is a world at your fingertips. As part of this year's edition, they will host musicians from Brazil, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania among others. You can learn more about the profiles of artists in the "Program" section on the website

Some of them are discoveries, but there are also those who do not need to be presented to anyone in the world. By far the most important concert of this year's “Filharmonia” Edition will be the concert of the legendary artist. April 21st in Gliwice - Chick Corea - one of the leaders of the revolution, which directed jazz towards modernity. For decades he has been competing with Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock for the title of the best jazz pianist of the 20th and 21st centuries. Musician of all time. “Filharmonia” is an original ambient that accompanies the first shots of spring and revolves around the best moments of summer. They will try to make the content of these words possible.

As a part of previous editions, they had the opportunity to host artists such as Dave Holland, Joey Calderazzo, Mike Stern, Jack Dejohnette and dozens of others. The Filharmonia Festival is a space for music and discussions about it. This year's edition of the Filharmonia Festival will take place in Gliwice in two periods: from April 16th to May 30th and from July 6th  to 19th . Almost all concerts will take place at the Jazovia Cultural Center, the most cultural and magical place which highly valued by musicians around the world.

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