Famous Ukrainian jazzman Serhij Artemov died defending Ukraine

A big loss for Ukrainian jazz community: Serhij Artemov, famous Ukrainian bass and double bass player, composer and arranger died near Bakhmut defending his motherland. He is one of the outstanding representatives of Dnipro jazz scene, got famous with his Vibe trio, further participant at Dark Side Trio, Danylo Vinarikov Ensemble, Elevation trio and other music projects.

He is also a good friend of Ukrainian institute, and all our team is thankful to him for the cooperation in 2020 at Am I Jazz online showcase performing in Danylo Vinarikov Ensemble as well as participant of Szczecin Jazz and Good vibe festival in Poland in 2021. Serhij was also featured in the exhibition by Ukrainian Institute and Jazzography.in.ua “Ukrainian jazzmen at war”. 

He is not physically with us, but we will all remember him as great musician, wonderful person and defender of Ukraine. We ask our partners and friends to repost this information, play music of Serhij Artemov in music sources and media. Let his music live long.

Watch Am I Jаzz? – Danylo Vinarikov Ensemble 

More links to music performed by Serhij Artemov: 
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