This fall BIMHUIS Productions concludes ‘REFLEX’ series with brand new music of Kit Downes



Our stage has seen a myriad of musicians present their work. But, the last couple of years we’ve also been developing talent under BIMHUIS Productions. A place for the production and presentation of new ensembles, ambitious compositions, and multidisciplinary performances

In 2022 we looked inwards, and launched REFLEX: a series of composition assignments, in which we invite artists to reflect on the world around them in the form of a brand new production. Sanem Kalfa kicked off the series in March, using decor, clothing and music to tell her story of growth. She was followed by Yoràn Vroom, implementing dance into his compositions, reflecting on the last couple of years and in September, Alistair Payne joined forces with internationally lauded poet Tongo Eisen-Martin. Learn more about the works of Yoràn and Alistair here and here.

For the fourth and final instalment Kit Downes will present an audiovisual project. The project, entitled DR. SNAP, is a collaboration between his band ENEMY, seven musicians and visual artist Juliane Schütz. The ECM recording artist has invited Reinier Baas, Ben van Gelder, Sun-Mi Hong and Robin Fincker, among others. Downes has shown his talents on keys in jazz, classical music and electronic experiments - either on church organ, piano or synthesizer. Read more about Kit Downes’ concert for REFLEX here

REFLEX is realised with support of Ammodo.