Expect the Unexpected - Live at Club Inégales

On 23rd September Club Inégales release a new CD with performances from two marathon days in the EFG London Jazz Festival 2017. There will be a live broadcast that evening at 8pm.

The magic on Club Inégales nights often comes in the 3rd set. The resident band and guest have each played their own music, then comes the moment they come together, the clash, the unexpected, the meeting of minds and ears.

So, what happens when there are 20 guests, with 22 new pieces, all in two marathon events? This was the premise of John Cumming, director of the EFG London Jazz Festival and Peter Wiegold in the conceiving of 'Expect the Unexpected', when planning a celebration of 25 years of the Festival.

Each of the guest artists were asked to contribute a ‘one-page’ score then perform live and unrehearsed with the Club Inégales resident band, Notes Inégales. The amazing list of guest artists who took part range from exciting young talent that had emerged through Serious’ Take-5 scheme to experienced and distinguished UK jazz musicians.

They were Alice Zawadzki voice/violin, Heidi Heidelberg voice, Mauricio Velasierra, flute, Byron Wallen, Kim Macari trumpets, Raymond MacDonald, James Mainwaring, Cath Roberts, saxes, Rob Luft, Jaak Sooäär, Chris Sharkey, Anton Hunter, Ant Law guitars, Matthew Bourne, Alexander Hawkins piano, Olie Brice bass, Pat Thomas electronics, Mark Sanders, Orphy Robinson percussion and Kuljit Bhamra tabla.

Due to technical recording issues five of the performances are unavailable but we feature 17 pieces on this new CD. We released a film about 'Expect the Unexpected' back in November 2020, it has been distilled and will be re-released along with the CD. Like the film, the CD will be dedicated to John Cumming, who passed away in 2020. The CD is distributed by NMC Recordings.

“...‘postfusion’, Notes Inégales completely transcend common notions of bringing different stylistic aspects together - they are simply a new animal...”  London Jazz

For further information contact:  info@clubinegales.com