A European duo of artists associated with the Petit faucheux: Léa Ciechelski and Bo van der Werf

Le Petit faucheux, a recognized concert venue and creative space, is expanding its program of associated artists by introducing a Franco-Belgian duo, Léa Ciechelski and Bo van der Werf. This initiative aims to strengthen transnational collaboration and co-creation between the musicians of Tours and Brussels.

Léa Ciechelski, flautist, saxophonist and composer from Tours, recent winner of AJC's Jazz Migration and member of various groups such as Prospectus, Big Fish, Surnatural Orchestra and Circe, will bring her rising creative vitality to the national scene.

Bo van der Werf, saxophonist and composer from Brussels, with a solid experience in collaborations with renowned artists such as Sylvaine Hélary and Stéphane Payen, and a marked presence within the groups Mantra Magnets, Octurn, Yun and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, will enrich the paired with his deep understanding of the contemporary European scene.

Together, they will carry out joint creative projects, including the ambitious attempt to set up a Franco-Belgian or even European orchestra, while promoting exchanges and cooperation between artists. This collaborative approach will support regional artists by creating new distribution opportunities.

In the next two seasons, the individual and joint projects of Léa and Bo will be honored, promising a wealth of musical creations and intercultural exchanges. Le Petit faucheux therefore invites its public as well as professionals to follow and participate in this unique adventure which promises to push back the boundaries of artistic creation.

Photo credits: Lea Ciechelski by Sara Porqueddu.