End of season picnic for Jazzèbre

For this last one, we announce a first: a picnic of end of Season, a plunge in the History of the Fortress of Salses, magnificent fortifications of the XVIth century, which one sees by the road but which bewitches in its heart. Between ponds and Corbières, bathe in music and good humor. First with the joyful Festival Fanfare and then with the fanfare "Le Grand Silence". A festive picnic, as you and Jazzèbre have the secret, fortunately poorly kept, and the moment to promise you other musical, travelling, discovering and convivial meetings during the 35th edition of the Festival that we can see in the distance, pointing the tip of its nose behind the summer that is taking place and that we wish you tasty!

The Great Silence is ten cowboys who have just left the saloon, armed with musical instruments and a megaphone, and in the caress of a warm late spring wind, take to the trail towards the great outdoors. Our desperados have more than six moves in their leather bags: reverent borrowings from maestro Morricone, an ounce of classicism and an undeniable cinephilia. The band also carries with it a rich knowledge of 19th century American culture, its popular songs for weddings and baptisms, and the wholesome jazz of New Orleans funeral parades. And never, in the memory of a gunslinger, does he miss their target: the party! Welcome to this modern and cheerful western for little apaches and big nickel foot picnics, where it's good to crunch life and sing under the moonlight with those terrible coyotes. Music, let's roll!