Dock In Absolute release sophomore album!

All you have to do is browse through Dock In Absolute’s facebook to realise what a popular jazz trio these boys have become. They’ve been touring extensively for the past few years, worldwide, and have had a very successful debut album release (2017).

The three piece have just released their sophomore album “Unlikely” via Italian label CAM JAZZ.

Dock In Absolute bring an immediate, recognisable spin to an otherwise well-worn instrumental combination. This is a group, rather than a collection of individuals, and ‘Unlikely’ is an album rather than a mere collection of themes. From the heart of Western Europe, a record that gets to the heart of modern music. Pianist Jean-Philippe Koch’s romantic melodism, electric bassist David Kintziger’s flowing lyricism (which is reminiscent of Steve Swallow) and percussionist Michel Mootz’s approach to the whole kit as an integrated musical instrument creates an album of sustained and often surprising beauty.”