DEK = Kern+Harnik+Vandermark, on tour MARCH 2017

Arco y Flecha


ON TOUR from MARCH 9 to 17, 2017

DIDI KERN - drums
KEN VANDERMARK - tenor and baritone saxophone & Bb clarinet

DEK is a new improvised music trio that features Austrians Elisabeth Harnik (piano) and Didi Kern (drums), and American Ken Vandermark (reeds), who have been performing together since September of 2014, both in Europe and in the United States.  2016 has been an exciting year for the band- in January they were featured as part of Vandermark's residency at the Stone in New York City, and in autumn they will release their first album, called "Burning Below Zero", on the Trost label.

Their music has a wide range of influences, coming from sources based in Harnik's work as an internationally acclaimed new music composer, Kern's profile on European rock scene, and Vandermark's two decades of work at both home and abroad, touring, recording, and collaborating with dozens of world renowned musicians as diverse as Getachew Mekuria and John Tilbury.  The end result of these backgrounds and the open ended musical curiosity of the group is an extraordinary group aesthetic, inclusive and expressive and instantaneous.

DEK will be touring in Europe during March of 2017, and has plans to release material recorded at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago during the winter of 2016.

DEK in action:
Kern, Harnik, Vandermark - Live at Gasthaus zur Post, Ottensheim, Austria, 2014-10-03

More info:
Instagram: ken_vandermark

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