Danish Vibes is once again heading for Hamburg

The fifth version of Danish Vibes will once again take place in Hamburg on the 23rd of November at the two venues Häkken and Kukuun. The three carefully selected artists that will be on stage are Mads Mathias, Ida Wenøe and Debre Damo Dining Orchestra. In addition, this year’s event will also feature a surprise appearance by Kalaha and Mirja Klippel. Danish Vibes is a showcase and industry get-together that aims to present some of new trending artists from the Danish jazz, world and folk scene and strengthen the relations between Danish and German musicians and industry professionals.
Mads Mathias
Mads Mathias is a vocalist/ songwriter and saxophonist, who has captured the hearts of music lovers with his charismatic performances, spirited personality and creative original songs. Mads Mathias is inspired by the great jazz vocalists of the past and present. An original talent with a unique and effortlessly charming vocal delivery as well as a skill for writing catchy and memorable tunes.
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Ida Wenøe
After ending her successful band Boho Dancer in 2014 Wenøe’s debut album “Time of Ghosts” came out in The Nordic Countries in 2015 through Songcrafter Music.
Like the best of the Nordic Noir leaving the Danish mainland, Ida Wenøe’s recordings are at once both sonically pure and grimy; there’s a shared loneliness that makes you feel that you’re not at all; and all the while there is an honesty to the songwriting that tugs at your sleeve.
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Debre Damo Dining Orchestra
Behold the unusual genre fusions of Debre Damo Dining Orchestra, whose organ and saxophone driven sound combines the irresistible groove of afro jazz with the hypnotic rhythms of krautrock, nervous funk and sometimes even doom rock, a mix that even gets notorious non-dancers at least nodding along in approval if not losing themselves in dance moves.
A true collective, the personality of each member of the six-piece ensemble is found in the sonic end result of their joint endeavours – still exceeding the sum of its parts by far.
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