Cycling without age

The last 2 years I had a fantastic job as volunteer, I drove rickshaw around in Copenhagen with elderly people, all staying in the rest home  "Faelledgaarden". The sakura picture is from 2016, and the lady to the left is 99 years. This Danish movement is called "Cycling without age" and is now established all over Denmark plus in 24 countries around the world from Singapore to Canada.
This year rest home have asked me to organize 3 concerts during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Jazz for Seniors. It will be free concerts in their garden and I will present saxophonist Hans Ulrik playing Danish folktunes in a jazzy way, a concert for dancing and Jorgen Emborg Quartet feat Matias Heise (he received our Crownprince talent price in 2016). Mathias plays cromatic harp.
If you are in Copenhagen please come, the concerts will be on July 7, 9 and 11.