Criss Cross Europe 2020 with Jim Black



Together with 5 other European partners, JazzLab is embarking on a new Criss Cross Europe adventure. Criss Cross Europe engages an inspiring musician to put together a band with 6 young but experienced musicians, one from each partner country, and take this band on a tour through the participating countries. 

This year the Criss Cross partners Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival (Scotland), Improvised Music Company (Ireland), Paradox & AMPA (The Netherlands), Music LX (Luxemburg), Estonia Jazz Union (Estonia) and JazzLab (Belgium) are thrilled to announce that no one less than Jim Black will be the Criss Cross Europe coach 2020, and he has selected these amazing musicians for his band:

  • Ananta Roosens, violin and trumpet (BE)
  • Sanne Rambags, vocals (NL)
  • Chris Guilfoyle, guitar (IRL)
  • Michel Meis, drums (LUX)
  • Aleksander Paal, alto sax (EST)
  • David Bowden, bass (SC)

In October the musicians rehearse in Tallinn (Estonia) from 4 to 8 October 2020. The premiere concert at the end of their residency kicks off the tour, with the following tour dates: 

  • Estonia: Thursday 8 Oct 2020
  • Ireland: Thursday 3 Dec 2020
  • Scotland: Friday 4 Dec 2020
  • Belgium (Bijloke): Tuesday 8 Dec 2020 
  • Luxemburg (Dudelange): Wednesday 9 Dec 2020 
  • Netherlands (Tivoli): Thursday 10 Dec 2020 
  • Netherlands (Paradox): Friday 11 Dec 2020
  • Netherlands (Lantarenvenster): Saturday 12 Dec 2020

We are ready for this exciting trip with these exquisite musicians and partners!