Courtois, Erdmann & Fincker return on BMC Records

The trio of Vincent Courtois, Daniel Erdmann, and Robin Fincker has enjoyed general admiration for thirteen years on the contemporary European jazz scene. Following their concept albums of compositions with melodious themes, they now show a completely different face on ‘Nothing Else’ with a repertoire based on pure improvisation. The music is dynamic, confident, and appealing, stimulating and flushing out the listeners’ senses, propelling them to discover breathtaking inner spaces.
The world star members of the trio have already recorded several albums with various bands for BMC Records. Daniel Erdmann, winner of a German Jazz Award in 2021, has his third Velvet Revolution album on the way, and alongside Aki Takase he appears on three other releases on the BMC label. One of these also features the top runner of contemporary jazz, Vincent Courtois, who has added another two albums to the catalog, while Robin Fincker plays on two earlier BMC albums. The album ‘Nothing Else’ – released on 9 June 2023 – can be seen as an imprint of the trio’s autobiography through which listeners can discover not only the musicians’ careers, but also their own relationship to music and reception strategies.
Though one physical disc, the album was conceived and organized as a double album: it features sixteen short, clear-cut, and suggestive tracks. The compositions refer to cities the globetrotting trio have been in on tour where the sound of the place left an aural souvenir. Thirteen years (give or take a few breaks) of working together, and the chemistry and trust between the musicians means that the unusual ensemble of two saxophones and cello not only works well but opens completely new avenues to riveting sounds. Their passionate playing, full of joy and humor, coupled with the freshness of the improvisations, irresistibly captures the listener’s imagination.
Listen now to the first single ‘Budapest’
Album coming on 9 June