Cooperation opportunities and artistic proposals from Ukrainian representatives of jazz scene and music industry

ART JAZZ SCHOOL announced an Open Call
August 21-27. 2023

Educational residence for jazz musicians and folklore performers "ART JAZZ School" in Rivne, Ukraine. Students of higher educational musical institutions of Ukraine and other countries from the departments of jazz music, jazz vocals and folk singing; young jazz musicians, vocalists and performers of folk singing and leading musicians and teachers get together for 7 days in Rivne, Ukraine. Workshops, Lectures, Jam Session, Ensembles, and different activities are in the program. At the end of the school we make a final open air concert of participants and tutors. The project aims to create a multidisciplinary musical environment for collaboration, knowledge acquisition and experience sharing in the field of jazz music, jazz vocals and authentic traditional singing of Polissya.

Open Call for participants: 

The ART JAZZ SCHOOL 2023 international residency invites:

Students of higher educational music institutions of Ukraine from the department of jazz music, jazz vocals and folk singing aged 17-22 and young jazz musicians, vocalists and performers of folk singing under the age of 30.

The open selection will be based on a questionnaire and viewing of pre-sent videos of their playing musical instruments or singing.

Deadline: 01.08.2023
Dates of residence: 21- 27.08.2023

participation is for free, the organizers are ready to cover the accommodation costs 
Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding your registration or participation via following e-mail: or Facebook messenger of

DZ’OB ensemble
- album release in September, looking for festivals to perform during the tour in autumn/winter 2023
DZ’OB is an electroacoustic ensemble from Dnipro, Ukraine striving to combine jazz, classical music tradition with a contemporary electronic approach. DZ’OB not only synthesizes genres like jazz, classics, IDM, techno, dubstep, but also comes up with unique, eclectic sounds that blur the lines within ages, and traditions. This fall ensemble plans to release a new album.

 "DZ'OB play a remarkable hybrid of classical and avant-garde dance music." The Guardian

Oleksii Badin — cello, electronics
Vasyl Starshynov — oboe 
Oleksii Starshynov — bassoon 
Iryna Li — violin 
Andriy Yarovyi — drums

Contact Oleksii Badin: artistic director

CHILDREN’S MUSIC CAMP-FORUM ‘JUNIOR’ 2023 is looking for collaboration partners 
June 29-July 2  2023

Cherkasy Jazz Orchestra (Public Organisation) together with lyceum of Holovkivka (Cherkasy Region, Ukraine) are making a children’s music camp-forum “Junior” 2023. Children and music teachers from the whole Cherkasy Region get together for 4 days in the middle of “Kholodnyi Yar”. Workshops, Jam Session, Ensembles, Orchestra and different sport activities are in the program. At the end of the camp we make a final open air concerts. The idea is to bring kids that are in love with music together, let them know each other, let them have new musical experiences, let them bring an embassy of music collaborations to their colleagues and friends at the places they live.

We are looking for collaborations with other music camps, music academies, music colleges, music schools, teachers for workshops, composers, publishing houses and other institutions to share music and pedagogical experiences, to have brighter art dialog and new ways to popularize music for children.

Our first forum was in 2021:

Сontaсt: Mykhailo Ievtushenko

Cherkasy Jazz Orchestra is looking for partners for recording an original Ukrainian jazz orchestra album
Cherkasy Jazz Orchestra is an independent jazz orchestra in central Ukraine initiated in 2020 by Mike Ievtushenko. Local musicians from different bands, ages and institutions got together because of their love of jazz orchestra music. The Band regularly plays concerts, festivals and prepares new programs for the fans. Even in the war times they continued rehearsals and performances.

Beside the known «classics» for jazz orchestra they are creating new original Ukrainian jazz orchestra music with unique modern sound. 2021 they made a Jazz version of the Ukrainian National Anthem. Recently was presented a song «You Told Me With Your Eyes : «I Love You»» with the lyrics of Nina Kostenko, etc.

The Orchestra is looking for partners to record an album of original jazz orchestra music from Ukraine and collaboration with soloists.

They are also searching for partners for tours to share original jazz orchestra music from the middle of Ukraine which is influenced by nowadays.

Mykhailo Ievtushenko

International Partnership with 32JazzClub

Thematic jazz programs dedicated to the music or/and musicians from a certain country (e.g. Swedish Music Weekend at 32) with the support of international partners and institutions.

International exchange/cooperation with foreign clubs - organization of performances of Ukrainian musicians abroad/performance of foreign musicians at 32JazzClub (with accommodation and meals covered)

Information about the club:

Liliia Plekh

LAURA MARTI. Project “Africa. Tribute to Lars Danielsson”
We are looking for concert partners for Project «Africa» other Laura Marti concert projects in Europe, the U.S. and other countries around the world. 

LAURA MARTI is a jazz, ethnic and pop singer, composer, actress and model. She was awarded “Singer of the Year” by “ELLE Style Awards”. Her project SHINE was nominated for “Project of the Year». In 2022 she was awarded the Grand PRIX at international competition «Ladies Jazz» in Poland.

We are ready to negotiate with concert promoters, festival organizers, concert directors, concert agencies, owners of concert venues, clubs and other venues.

Project Africa 
Official Site | Spotify | Youtube
Contact person Volodymyr Kaminskyy:

LELÉKA feat. Maksym Berezhniuk
(Old Ukrainian Christmas Music + Jazz + Traditional Wind Instruments)

Tour dates 12-19.12.2023 and around.

It is a special project of the famous Ukrainian virtuoso and collector of various traditional wind instruments – Maksym Berezhniuk and the award-winning Berlin-based ethno-jazz quartet LELÉKA. Together in December 2023 they will present a new concert program of Ukrainian Christmas music, where old traditional songs and instruments largely unknown by the majority can be experienced. Their album release concert tour will take place in Germany and Lichtenstein from December 12 to 19. A couple of dates during this period are still available to cooperate with venues or festivals in Europe, who would like to present Ukrainian Christmas music to their audience.

LELÉKA – RADUJSYA feat. Maksym Berezhnyuk (Old Ukrainian Christmas Song – колядка дівчині) 

Booking manager Margarete Schein:

working on new album and searching for a label; looking for the festivals and venues to make a tour for autumn/winter 2023 and/or 2024, and for collaborations with European artists

TANŌK is a female duo from Poland/Ukraine, which make free jazz sound like a Slavic folk ritual. Our work is based on the interpretation of local traditions from the point of view of free composition/improvisation. “Tanok” means a particular group dance, which is performed usually in spring to call the energy of nature, from which we are inspired.

Since that is not a typical music concert, but the performance with dances, colorful lights, screams and laughs

Our first program is called PIEŚŃ LASU, which is an improvised suite based on the drama of the same title by the writer Lesia Ukrainka. Piesn Lasu is a love story between a human and a mythological creature, at the same time it is a collective image of the mythology of the Ukrainian region of Volyn

Kateryna Ziabliuk – Ukrainian pianist, singer, composer, and author of articles on the Ukrainian media platform Meloport about improvisational music.

Graduated from the Faculty of Jazz Piano at the Academy of Music in Kyiv, later at the Academy of Music in Krakow, and currently graduating from Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano. She has been performing with her bands at Leopolis Jazz Festival, Jazz Bez, Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Jazztopad Festival, Katowice JazzArt Festival, Piano City Milano, and Enjoy Jazz Festival and so on. In her work, she is interested in mixing composition and free improvisation mainly by using elements of traditional music and exploring the cultural/historical heritage of her homeland.

Natalia Kordiak – Polish singer from Łódź. Graduated from the Academy of Music Karol Szymanowski in Katowice. Winner of the international competition Prix Voicingers 2018. With her quintet, she won second prize at the Tarnów Jazz Contest 2017 and awards at the Blue Note Poznań  Competition 2017. In autumn 2019, her debut album entitled Bajka was released. Kordiak was nominated for Fryderyk 2020 in the category "Phonographic Debut of the Year”.

Kateryna Ziabliuk, artist

GANNA Ensemble

GANNA Ensemble  is the international ethnic jazz quintet from Berlin around the Ukrainian singer and composer Ganna Gryniva. Since 2014 GANNA has been performing reinterpretations of old Ukrainian folk songs and modern jazz touching the hearts of people all over Europe (Jazzopen Stuttgart, XJazz Berlin, BMC Opus Budapest, ect.). The repertoire of the band is inspired by Ganna Gryniva´s folklore research travels to different regions of Ukraine. She recorded interviews with grandmothers and grandfathers in Carpathian Mountains, in villages near Kyiv and Poltava. The folklore singers shared with her stories from their lives and sang the old songs about love, war, the awakening of the spring after the long winter and about the strong women of Ukraine.

Jazz highlight of the year - Roland Spiegel, BR-Klassik (DE, 2022)

“HOME certainly is an album of the year, poignant, moving, powerful, magnificently sung and played!” -  Ulrich Habersetzer, DLF Kultur (DE, 2022)

“Ganna - a voice of Ukrainian resistance. Ganna is one of the most impressive singers and musicians of the European jazz and world music scene” - Mirjam Jessa, ORF (AT, 2022)

BOOKING Denmark:

Amirova Trio – Ukrainian-Polish trio, we are looking for partners and festivals to organize a European tour in 2024. The trio issued the album “Roots”, consisting of Ukrainian and Polish folk songs arranged for jazz performance. Now the trio is working on new material.

The band Amirova Trio was formed in 2018 when Julia Amirova, pianist from Kyiv, met the polish bassist Mikolaj Sikora and the drummer Patryk Gajda at Krakow Academy of Music. The band plays contemporary jazz, modal jazz and groove pieces with folk motives. In 2021, the trio issued its first album, “Roots”, consisting of Ukrainian and Polish folk songs arranged for jazz performance. This album owes its name to the fact that through playing folk music one feels connected to one’s kin, to one’s country, to one’s ancestry. The band plays lyrical ballads, fast and merry songs that are great to dance to, as well as groovy pieces. Modern arrangements and jazz harmonies offer a new way of understanding Slavic folk music, but the traditions and the characteristic elements of ethnic music remain; together, they create a unique atmosphere. The band performed at numerous jazz clubs and festivals in Poland.
Contact: Julia Amirova 


We are seeking: concert opportunities & support in distribution of our album. It is important to us to share the roots and tradition of Ukrainian music so we would be also very happy for options to run masterclasses.


Anastasija Litvinyuk:
Roman Chraniuk:

“KINVA” in Ukrainian means a traditional wooden mug-like vessel used for storing and consuming drinks. The band Kinva is such a vessel: they preserve traditional ethnic Ukrainian melodies in order to serve them in a fresh, jazz form. Their debut album “KINVA” was released in January 2023 and was included in the Jazz Forum magazine, the band also appeared on the cover of Jazz Forum (1-2/2023). It will be self released as a vinyl in July 2023.

“(...) we get an album on which you can spend many hours, days, and in my case, weeks.” -

Tamara Lukasheva Solo

Tamara Lukasheva is Ukrainian jazz singer and composer, that combines Ukrainian and German poetry with modern jazz and classical ground. 2021 she was awarded by WDR Jazz Prize in the category Composition, 2017 her quartet won the New German Jazz Prize in Mannheim. 

The goal is to find more locations and festivals to present the music and also for collaborations.

Youtube :