Concerts from Norway, in your home!

Oslo is for the moment a winter wonderland, it’s been snowing almost continually for a week here. All is white, pure and cold, so the most sensible things to do is to visit the warm and welcoming Victoria, Nasjonal jazzscene. We’re now three weeks into this year’s program, and already we’ve live streamed four concerts that you still can enjoy!
Firstly, we kicked off 2019 with a fantastic show from Rymden, the new Scandinavian super trio consisting of Bugge Wesseltoft, piano, Dan Berglund, bass and Magnus Öström on drums. Despite being three glittering soloists, the collective mind is in the centre, flowing effortlessly from low-key, lyrical excursions to powerful progressive jazz. See and listen to Rymden here:
Next of we broadcasted two young bands that has struck our nerves and taken hold. Tiur is a soft spoken vocal and piano duo packing a huge storage of inner energy. Drawing inspiration from pop and folk music, they perform beautiful songs with clear traces drawn from the Norwegian jazz heritage, sounding completely delicious! Tiur
ØyvindLAND is completely other kind of stew, you’re served a hotpot of groovy afro music, Cuban riffs, swinging 60's jazz and classic large ensemble music! With infectious self-confidence, the seven ambitious, young musicians play through rather complicated melodies and deliver it like a light, exciting and truly inspired jazz, a treat! ØyvindLAND
Last week we beamed Lassen out to the world. In this fourpiece, the saxophone playing bandleader Harald Lassen, a previous member of Pixel with Ellen Andrea Wang, plays colourful, passionate and catchy jazz, celebrating the love for good melodies and Jazz with a capital J! You’ll also hear the Belgian hot shot pianist Bram de Looze (LABtrio) with a Norwegian rhythm section reminiscent of the seventies heydays - Tore Flatjord, drums and Stian Andersen on bass. Lassen
Our plan is to stream at least 20 concerts this year, so why not just subscribe already?! Our channel is found here:
And if you are coming to Norway this Spring, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting in our program, found here: