Cologne Open - German Showcase

On 1st & 2nd of March 2018, the Stadtgarten venue will host the first meeting of European concert curators to mark the Stadtgarten concert facilities upgrade as ‘European Centre for Jazz and Contemporary Music’. At this ‘Artistic Exchange Platform’, a new format by the ‘Europe Jazz Network’, we are expecting about 30 curators from festivals and venues all over Europe.

At this first edition of our showcase festival ‘COLOGNE OPEN’ we would like to highlight the regional music scene as part of our meeting. On the evenings of 1st & 2nd March, some of the most exciting musicians from the local music scene will perform at the Konzertsaal and Studio 672.

A great opportunity to experience the outstanding quality and creative energy of the Cologne music scene, as well as the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia, during entertaining concerts, and also a great way to obtain more insight into the current state of contemporary music ‘made in NRW’, both for visiting curators and the Cologne audience. 

The programme in the Konzertsaal was compiled by Hans-Jürgen Linke, one of the most renowned music journalists in Germany.

Thu 1st / Fri 2nd March, 2018
from 8:00 pm at Konzertsaal | entrance fee: 12 euros
from 10:30 pm at Studio672 | free entry
Stadtgarten, Cologne



Thu 1 March, 8:00 pm at Konzertsaal
-- Makkro
Janning Trumann (tb), Christian Lorenzen (wurlitzer, synth.), David Helm (db), Oliver Lutz (e-b), Fabian Arends (dr), Thomas Sauerborn (dr)
-- phase : : vier
Filippa Gojo (voc), Zuzana Leharová (vl), Elisabeth Coudoux (vc), Svenja Doeinck (db)
-- Trio Aurora
Lucas Leidinger (p), Sebastian Gille (sax), Fabian Arends (dr)

Thu 1 March, 10:30 pm at Studio672
-- Nicola Hein Solo
Nicola Hein (guit, electr)
-- Salomea
Rebekka Salomea (voc, fx), Yannis Anft (synths), Oliver Lutz (e- & synth b), Leif Berger (dr, drumpad)

Fri 2 March, 8:00 pm at Konzertsaal
-- Duo Lukasheva/Mahnig
Tamara Lukasheva (voc), Dominik Mahnig (dr)
-- Enso
Stefan Schönegg (db), Leonhard Huhn (sax), Nathan Bontrager (vc), Etienne Nillesen (dr)
-- Mengamo Trio
Philipp Brämswig (guit, elec.), Sebastian Scobel (hammond org), Thomas Sauerborn (dr)

Fri 2 March, 10:30 pm at Studio672
-- Hanna Schörken Solo
Hanna Schörken (voc, fx, text)
-- Pablo Giw Solo
Pablo Giw (tp, voc)

Fri 2 March, 12:00 pm at Studio672 – free entry
Cologne Open Clubnight
-- Lauritz Düsseldorf (No Obi, No Insert,
-- Phillip Jondo Cologne (NTS, Salon des Amateurs)
-- Sarah San Cologne (Good News)