Clusone Jazz Festival, 2013 - 33th Edition

Clusone Jazz Festival, 2013 - Edition 33
Clusone Jazz exists because it resists. We choose this phrase that best speeches of so many presents this year, certainly one of the most difficult and suffered in our long history. The difficulties encountered in raising the resources have led us to create a program of concerts and reducing the number of locations involved. After the prologue in Finale Ligure-Finalborgo, the 33rd edition of CLUSONE JAZZ sees the commitment concentrated in a small number of dates limited to Clusone and certain municipalities in the basin of the Presolana.
It was not easy to downsize and find a new challenge, but with the support of those who have understood the difficulties of the moment and we wanted to assist we have overcome the weaknesses typical of a reality that has always lived exclusively voluntary, individual commitment and contributions.
The result is an issue more concentrated, renewed also in the formula (for one concert night but free) however, in line with the tradition of the festival: a program that we hope will inspire and at the same time guaranteeing continuity to our commitment to always face to the promotion of jazz and country.

In conclusion, we were pleased to be included among the "Factories of culture" of the Province and feel the support of the musicians and their willingness to ensure that the festival could take place again this year.
A much consideration we did follow the usual organizational commitment and undeniable ... thanks to all those who have allowed us once again to be with you, jazz fans, to share the emotions that this music is always able to give.

Clusone Jazz Promotion

2013 program

All shows and events are free.

Thursday, June 20
Finale Ligure - Finalborgo
Preview Clusone Jazz 2013
21.00 - Hall of trusses, a monumental complex of Santa Caterina

Lost pictures
Video documentary, meeting and photo exhibition
edited and with photographs by Luciano Viotto

Saturday, June 22
Finale Ligure - Finalborgo
21.00 - Cloisters of St. Catherine

(Luca Aquino, trumpet, flugelhorn & live electronics - Marco Bardoscia, bass & live electronics - Gianluca Brugnano, drums)

Although modified on the staff, LUNARIA is the formation in which Luca Aquino is identified, through which the young trumpeter Sunni, has always been fascinated by the sound and by the figure of Chet Baker, alongside the re-reading of some important pages in the history of jazz moments which are to take over the experimentation and research. Within a few years Luca Aquino has been able to establish itself among the most talented Italian trumpet, demonstrating propensity to modernity, stating a precise artistic identity and gaining notoriety across the border with convincing proposals and innovative, in whom there is the secondary use of ' electronics.

Sunday, July 21
18.00 - MAT-Time Art Museum - Hall Legrenzi

by Claudio Sessa and Carlo Verri

to follow, in the Park Blue Ribbon, "FOOD Seriani" - tasting of typical products

21.00 - Clock Square
Takla JAZZ QUINTET - tribute to Massimo Urbani
(Paul Lopolito, alto sax and flute - Gianluca Elia, tenor sax - Valerio Scrignoli, Guitar - Claudio Ottaviano, double bass - Filippo Monico, drums)

Filippo Monico wanted to pay homage Massimo Urbani, with whom he had the opportunity to collaborate in the early eighties, dedicating a thesis recently presented at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory and creating training that will build on the compositions of the unforgettable saxophonist Roman who tragically died in 1993, unique musician and appreciated for the irrepressible talent. In addition to giving rise to a proposal full of references to jazz, this quintet develops its own path with creativity and freedom of interpretation, highlighting some young up and coming through which the music buy in freshness and incisiveness.

Tuesday, July 23
21.00 - Al Vecchio Convento

Presentation of the CD
(Fausto Beccaloss the accordion - vocals)

After several successful collaborations with some prestigious and important international actors (Al Di Meola at all), Fausto Beccalossi arrives at the first recording live exclusively in the company of his voice and the accordion, highlighting the essence of his music and his soul . "My Life" is a portrait of a mature artist, aware of their abilities, able to blend sensitivity and instrumental technique in a proposal in which jazz is colored with shades of Argentine folklore, the Mediterranean melodies of Brazilian rhythms.

Wednesday, July 24
21.00 - MAT-Time Art Museum - Hall Legrenzi
In collaboration with articles clubs

Meet the author
Editions The Assayer

Thursday, July 25
21.00 - Sacrato front of the Parish of Bratto

Fewell - MERLIN - MILESI - Tracanna
(Garrison Fewell and Enrico Merlin, guitar - Tino Tracanna and Massimiliano Milesi saxophones)

A novel ensemble in which you will see musicians who, although they have had previous opportunities to play with each other, they had never found to be measured in the same formation. Experience, talent and affinity are the ingredients on which it is aimed to give flavor and content to this proposal. Two guitarists and two saxophonists, for a workforce that arouses curiosity for both "crossings instrumental" arising out of it, both because it will be interesting to see what direction will the music, even in relation to the ability of the individual to merge their expressiveness in a single language .

Friday, July 26
21.00 - Square Well

(Alessandro "Asso" Stefana, electric guitar, harmonica - Danilo Gallo, low - Zeno De Rossi, drums)

Guano Padano is by some considered an offshoot of the band Vinicio Capossela, with whom Alessandro "Asso" Stefana, Danilo Gallo and Zeno De Rossi have collaborated for several years. A group in which the colors blend of jazz, blues, Tex-Mex and in the background, interwoven western atmospheres that recall movie soundtracks. With a pair of acclaimed recordings, Guano Padano has demonstrated the ability to characterize your own soundscape moving freely and convincingly on the ridge of the music hard to label that, for this reason, can not be harnessed.

Saturday, July 27
11.00 - MAT - Time Art Museum - Hall Legrenzi
in collaboration with articles clubs and Rasmussen Library

in the company of VIOTTO LUCIANO - journalist, music critic
Geoff Dyer - Edizioni Einaudi

Followed by: aperitif

16.00 - Guided tour of the House Museum Fantoni
17.30 - Court House Museum Fantoni

(Nicolas Masson, saxophones - Roberto Pianca, Guitar - Emanuele Maniscalco, drums)

Third Reel is an Italian-Swiss formations in business since 2010 at its debut among the most prestigious label for which ECM. The instruments and the approach to timbre reminiscent in some situations the lesson of a historic trio, the one with Joe Lovano, Bill Frisell and Paul Motian. The group pursues the search for his own stylistic identity, focusing on the acoustic sound, atmospheres rich in nuances and delicate sound. Nicolas Masson is a young saxophonist leading groups internationally, guitarist Roberto Pianca is in possession of a tonal palette of rich colors, Emanuele Maniscalco confirms the sensitivity and young talent that led him to collaborate with Enrico Rava and Stefano Battaglia.

21.00 - Clock Square


(Mauro Ottolini, trombone, sousaphone, vocals - Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, voice - Stephanie Ghizzon the Ocean, voice - Vincenzo Vasi, vocals - Paul Degiuli, cornet - Guido Bombardieri, clarinet, alto sax - Dan Kinzelman, tenor saxophone, clarinet, clarinet low - Paolo Botti, viola, dobro - Henry Terragnoli, banjo, guitar, podofono; Franz Bazzani, piano - Danilo Gallo, double bass - the Zeno De Ross, battery.

Mauro Ottolini is probably the most sought after and acclaimed musician of the moment, and the victory of the Top Jazz Musician of the Year 2012 as it is a well-deserved recognition that consecrates the talent and creativity. On the stage of Clusone - a festival that has believed in its potential in difficult times, giving space to Ecologic Island - his first recording project with Bearzatti and UT Gandhi - Mauro Ottolini will be presented at the helm of the ensemble Sousaphonix to pay tribute to the music the twenties and thirties with the project "Bix Factor": a proposal failed even on the record, compelling arrangements, and multi-faceted, in some exciting moments.


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All events are free.
In case of rain, concerts will be held in sheltered areas.