Club Inégales at EFG London Jazz Festival - The Third Orchestra

Club Inégales at London, Euston, have a special event on 21st November, in the EFG London Jazz Festival.
The club tradition is to feature guest artists every evening and it has, since 2011, in 180 gigs, brought together guests from across a prodigious range of cultures to show their work, and play alongside resident band Notes Inégales. The director of the events has been Peter Wiegold.
Now, to celebrate his 70th birthday, he will be the guest! Bringing together friends from across the years, and, for the first time, doing a solo set on keyboard.
Meanwhile, we a currently editing the CD of The Third Orchestra, our major new initiative with musicians from across world traditions, for release on NMC recordings in February. The orchestra launched at the Barbican Centre in February and you can catch a glimpse of that week here:
Club Inégales are delighted to have joined the EJN community this year, and Peter was happy to meet so many of you in Novara.