check out the hcmf// sampler

Here's something that we're really excited to be able to share with you. We teamed up with record label NMC to curate a special hcmf// sampler which you can buy from iTunes for the very reasonable sum of £2.49.

Not only that, hcmf// Artistic Director, Graham McKenzie, has written extensive liner notes to explain his selection. The full track list is:

1. Chris Newman - Grooving through old tombs 2. David Bedford - Even Now 3. Donnacha Dennehy - Streetwalker 4. Laurence Crane - Sparling 5. Claudia Molitor - my favourite sound 6. Sam Hayden - schismatics 7. Dai Fujikura - Sakana (from Okeanos) 8. Jonathan Harvey - Timepieces (I) 9. Howard Skempton - Kettle's Yard Canon 10. James Dillon - birl

Click here link to find out more.