With the theme “Ways Out From The World”, Cappadox’ programme has been announced. Cappadox 2017 will take place between 18-21 May with the main sponsorship of Volkswagen.

This year, Emma Shapplin featuring Mercan Dede, Rhye, Peter Broderick & David Allred Duo, Acid Pauli, Lars Danielsson ft. DUO Gregory Privat, Kaan Tangöze, Büyük Ev Ablukada and Kalben are amongst the names on Cappadox’ music programme. Curated by Fulya Erdemci and Kevser Güler,  Cappadox 2017’s contemporary art programme will be shaped by the attendance of new artists from Turkey and the international contemporary art scene. Cappadoxians will meet in Cappadox spirited contemporary outdoor events alongside gastronomy experiences which will be headed by Chef Mustafa Otar.

Urging people to have the courage to transform a world that has not yet emerged, not yet been visible and has yet to come, Cappadox 2017, invites people to experience music, contemporary art, gastronomy and outdoor events which will be held in Cappadocia’s layered landscape and unique sites which  stand apart from the stereotypical touristic routes. Cappadox 2017’s early bird tickets are on sale at and the full programme can be reached at the official website

Starting with sunrise concerts, silent walks, yoga and outdoor activities the Cappadox programme continues all day with music, contemporary art, gastronomy and outdoor events.

A Music Experience in Extraordinary Ambiences
Cappadox 2017’s music programme includes Rhye, Emma Shapplin featuring Mercan Dede, Acid Pauli, Kaan Tangöze, Peter Broderick & David Allred Duo, Ah! Kosmos, Kalben, Kuan, Büyük Ev Ablukada, Oceanvs orientalis vs İlhan Erşahin, Dead Combo, Lars Danielsson Duo ft. Gregory Privat, Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan, Yasmine Hamdan and Akın Sevgör. There are also going to be surprise performances that will dare Cappadoxians to imagine.

Musicians will perform in nature, on special stages designed and transformed for Cappadox. This year’s concert sites include Bezirhane, Perili Ozanlar Valley, Güray Müze, Uçhisar Çiftlik Evi and Kızılvadi where sunset concerts will take place, Cappadoxians will catch the first rays of daylight with Sunrise Concerts. The view of Yalınız Söğüt, facing Erciyes in the east and Uçhisar in the west will be the scene of the performances of different artists.

The perfect spot in Cappadocia to admire the sunset, Red Valley hosts Sunset Concerts where attendees can enjoy music accompanied by an exquisite view of the valley painted in red.

Contemporary Art in the Inspiring Nature of Cappadocia
Curated by Fulya Erdemci and Kevser Güler, Cappadox 2017’s contemporary art programme will be shaped by international artists and collaborators who will be attending for the first time. Currently finishing their first inspection, artists will create site-specific and context-responsive new productions with exclusive collaborations for Cappadox. The Contemporary Art Programme will integrate different experiences from other disciplines of the festival such as flora walk and geology tour. The invited contemporary artists of Cappadox 2017 will explore their unique ways out from the world by bringing out unusual proposals and through projects which dare to imagine. The Contemporary Art Exhibition will be available until 11th of June.

Journey to the Origin of Flavour
Cappadoxians will have a natural and warm gastronomy experience through events such as Open Fire Cooking, Gourmet Tastings and Cappadox Picnic.

Chef Mustafa Otar invites Cappadox attendees to leave the modern cooking methods aside and set forth to the place where everything started. The Open Fire in Nature event, in which all ingredients are organic and the whole cooking procedure involves organic materials like ash, soil, mud, wood and rocks, will take you to the origins of taste.

Anatolia’s wedding feasts that have been a subject of traditional stories will be served at the table at Cappadox Picnic. At the Picnic event where Cappadoxians will taste the local dishes, women who keep the traditions of the wedding feasts of Cappadocia will work collaboratively and cook nature’s fresh ingredients in boilers to offer the most delicious meals. This experience involving natural flavours will be accompanied by pop-up concerts and festival games.

Gourmet Tastings will transform the harmony of Cappadocia’s distinctive grapes and Turkish cheeses into a culinary experience under the inspection of Levon Bağış and Nilhan Aras.

Outdoor Events
This year’s outdoor programme is shaped with silent walks, valley walks, cycling, running and yoga events, too. Cappadoxians will experience the difficult conditions and the inspiring atmosphere of the landscape in the different hours of the day at Güvercinlik Valley, Yalınız Söğüt, Göreme & Soğanlı, Meskendir Valley, Gomeda Valley, Avanos Valley, Göreme Valley, Zemi Valley, Bozdağ and Kızılvadi.

Cappadox 2017 will take place with the theme “Ways Out From The World”, between 18-21 May with Volkswagen as the main sponsor, in Cappadocia’s extra-terrestrial landscape.

*Cappadox is a Pozitif experience.