The Bozcaada Jazz Festival will take place for the 4th time in 17th-19th July this year!

The Bozcaada Jazz Festival has become one of the leading music events of Turkey in a  very short time, and will be held for the 4th time in 2020. Festival will take place between 17th-19th July in Bozcaada with the partnership of alaturca and 3dots, and will be one the most satisfying events of 2020 with its schedule appealing for those looking for not only quality music but fans of nature and gastronomy as well. The first early bird tickets of the festival are available since 29th of January in Biletix!

The Bozcaada Jazz Festival, will be held in cooperation with allaturca and 3dots. Festival tickets of which are sold out quickly, and added immediately to the calendars by music lovers will take place between 17-19 July in Bozcaada.

The Bozcaada Jazz Festival that combines outdoor energy with jazz and improvisation music will host masters of jazz music and young talents at the same stage together, and will make the guests, who are willing to spend their holiday with good music, have 3 unforgettable days. Moreover, with the Discovery programme including pop-up concerts in different places in various spots of the island, tasting experiments with gastronomy masters, workshops for children, body oriented exercises, Bozcaada discovery routes, the festival will continue spreading its energy in the island.

The first early bird tickets will be available in Biletix until 31st January until midnight for music lovers and for those willing to scheme their summer plan ahead.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival, despite being a young festival, has become one of the leading music events in Turkey, and has made Bozcaada a haunt for music lovers since 2017 and has hosted master names like Yussef Dayes, Erik Truffaz, Erkan Oğur, Elif Çağlar, Volkan Öktem, Sarp Maden, Alp Ersönmez, Korhan Futacı, Birsen Tezer, İmer Demirer at the stage.

“Accessible and nature friendly festival”
Festival, which draws attention with its policy of being respectful and egalitarian towards people, animals and nature; woke up upcycle awareness with its restructured stage with recycling , and example setting actions to minimize the waste in the area. Last year, the festival became the first accessible festival of Turkey with the consultancy of “Accesible Everything” initiative to make the festival accessible for people with disabilities in a physical, communicational and contextual manner.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival will take place for the 4th time on 17-19 July this year.

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4. Bozcaada Jazz Festivall
17-19 July 2020, Bozcaada
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First early bird tickets will be available between 28-31 January 2020