Bozcaada Jazz Festival has ended, KEŞİF 2022 Digital Program is out now!

Organized by the 3dots and fermente with the contributions of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, we have left Bozcaada Jazz Festival, which was held on August 26-27-28, behind with one-of-a-kind memories and unforgettable good vibes!

We believe that a better world is possible, and healing arises from the effervescent energy of coming together! Powered by the sponsorship of Paribu and with the support of Kendine Has, Volkswagen, Jack Lives Here, Metro Türkiye, Bridgestone and The ORGANICS by Red Bull, in our 6th year, we have witnessed the healing power of music with unforgettable performances on the BJF stage, and had unique experiences that spread the festival spirit to the whole island with the interdisciplinary KEŞİF program. As we have concluded the 6th Bozcaada Jazz Festival, the healing continues to grow. Hope to see you again next year!

KEŞİF 2022 Digital Program can be accessed from Bozcaada Jazz Festival’s YouTube channel.

Since 2017, we continue to raise the visibility of our advocacy areas in Bozcaada, and now for the 6th edition of the festival, we transfer the subjects we have discussed, talked about, learned, and listened in the island within the scope of the KEŞİF program to the digital platforms. As part of the KEŞİF, our panels and talks on Ecological Transformation, Gender Equality, and Accessibility are uploaded on the Bozcaada Jazz Festival YouTube channel as part of the KEŞİF 2022 Digital Program.

Reaching from gender distribution in the music industry, climate crisis, how jazz diversifies the cultural expression, the state of well-being, the blockchain as a decentralized technology, and to our access to information in the new media era, we talked, discussed, and multiplied our ideas on a variety of topics together. Within the scope of the KEŞİF, as a part of Emre Erbirer's 'Contemporary Issues, New Possibilities' curation, we have featured discussions on 'equality' in the “Sisterhood in Music” panel, and focused on different dynamics of gender equality in the industry from music production to visibility; At the “Those Who Take Care of the World” panel, we talked about how we can think about our actions by putting the climate crisis at the forefront and the impact of our individual efforts while preparing the world for a better future. In the “What's Happening in the Aegean” panel, we opened discussions on cultural migration, reverse migration, and the impact of the arts and cultural initiatives in the local context, one of the festival’s critical agendas, with our guests joining us from various cities in the Aegean Region.

At the “How Can We Envision Jazz As An Intercultural Platform?” panel, we talked about the inclusiveness of jazz, creating an intercultural understanding and unity with our guests from the Europe Jazz Network. The “Web3 and Decentralized Technologies” panel focused on different applications of blockchain technologies, which we are all getting familiar with increasingly.  Throughout the “Aposto Presents: How Do We Access Information in the New Media Age?” panel, we held a conversation on digital media literacy and the ways of accessing information in the context of journalism, publishing, technology, and design. We had an interactive talk on the “Age of Technology and Creativity” panel and discussed the definition of creativity, the use-cases of artificial intelligence, and the role of technology within creative productions; and at the “32nd Akbank Jazz Festival: Audio-Visual Experiences in the New Media Age” panel, we met with artists from the audio and visual disciplinary backgrounds and get their insight on the new media age and how it affects their art production. In the panel titled “Isn't It Our Right To Rest?” we have discussed the everyday and ordinary issues of being alone, being bored, and having a relaxing time, within the context of our right to rest in the age of consumer society and also we talked about ideal balance and state of well-being in the “A Conversation on Balance and Socialization” panel.

You can access the other panels, discussions, and talks hosted by Kasaba Bozcaada with the contributions of Sivil Düşün, at the KEŞİF 2022 Digital Program playlist on Youtube and from the link below.
YouTube Playlist - KEŞİF 2022 Digital Program
Bozcaada Jazz Festival 2022 Aftermovie is here too!
The 2022 aftermovie video of Bozcaada Jazz Festival, in which we caught the festival mode in its 6th year and discovered the healing experience together, is with you! Thank you for being a part of the festival and sharing our excitement, see you next year!
Bozcaada Caz Festivali 2022 | Aftermovie