Bozcaada Jazz Festival 2021

In its fifth year, Bozcaada Jazz Festival has become one of the flagship events of Turkey and will take place this summer to unite music lovers with local and international talented artists. Along with high-quality music, the festival promises an unforgettable weekend full of joy with the nature of the island, beauties hidden in the narrow streets, impeccable cuisine, and many more exciting activities. Don’t make any plans, because the festival is set to take place between 20-22 August, in the gorgeous Bozcaada.

Since its 2017 debut, Bozcaada Jazz Festival has been growing increasingly over the years by its audience that became a family and the values the festival cares about. It successfully developed its own signature; that unites jazz and improvisation music with the true feeling of an open-air festival. In addition, music events will be accompanied by the exploration series called “Keşif'' and keep your sensuous side awake by tasting experiments with gastronomy masters, workshops, body-oriented workshops, Bozcaada discovery routes and many more in the atmosphere of the island.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival will take place for the 5th time on 20-22 August this year.

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