The NYC Jazz Record recently put a label spotlight on Alfred Vogel’s BOOMSLANG RECORDS. If you like a wide and wooly musical plunge into the unusual find a few very different but outstanding releases of contemporary creative, improvised music and more. It all started with the amazing AMOK AMOR a few years back … recently EVI FILIPPOU just won the Neue Deutsche Jazz Preis for Debut Album of the year 2022 (inEvitable). Spring `23 shows releases of artists such as Felix Hauptmann´s PERCUSSION II from the happening Cologne Jazz Scene, French Drummer Tancréde D. Kummer with FORGES, or MOTUSNEU from Dresden with composed and improvised contemporary music. 
More on the avant-groovy side of things is the Berlin Band ZUR SCHÖNEN AUSSICHT with their upcoming Album NEU. And last you find an exotic Album of a 9piece Ensemble from Seoul: ISEUL KIM´S TWO VOICES with EVOLVING - from traditional korean music, to classical and modern jazz!