Board of Directors of the new Portuguese Jazz Network elected

On November 11, at the first General Assembly held at JOBRA, Albergaria-a-Velha, the executive board of the Portuguese Jazz Network – PORTUGAL JAZZ – was elected for a two-year term.

This new association brings together organisations associated with jazz, and improvised music, produced by residents in Portugal and/or by Portuguese nationals living abroad, and individuals linked with organisations related to Jazz in Portugal within the areas of Creation, Dissemination, Education, and Research. The elected members are, its Executive Director, Carlos Martins, and the Coordinators of the Working Groups, Massimo Cavalli, Pedro Costa, Carlos Mendes, and Pedro Cravinho, alongside the following board members, Pedro Guedes, Rui Eduardo Paes, Jose Miguel Pereira, Carla Pomares, and Jose Dias.

The main objectives of PORTUGAL JAZZ are the promotion and dissemination of jazz and improvised music. The improvement of the working conditions of the jazz musicians and the infrastructures associated with this performative practice. The protection of the Portuguese jazz community's interests, and the support of new projects and the organisation of jazz- related events. The internationalisation of jazz and improvised music produced in Portugal and/or by Portuguese musicians living abroad. As well as support training for young musicians, and the interaction with music agents in Portugal and elsewhere.

PORTUGAL JAZZ has planned four areas of action, with the setting of the following Working Groups: Creation, Dissemination, Education and Research. On Creation, it is intended to stimulate composition and performance with the implementation of support measures for its members, namely attracting commissioned work, together with the proposal of guidelines for the regulation of the working conditions and remuneration of PORTUGAL JAZZ’s members. Concerning Dissemination, it is intended to move forward with joint actions at the local, national and international level regarding the mobility of PORTUGAL JAZZ’s members and their work, seeking to attract new audiences and fostering exchanges with other countries through partnerships with similar organisations. The Education Working group aims to establish formal and non-formal education programmes, including coaching for students and teachers, planning the improve the curriculums and encouraging pedagogical collaboration between PORTUGAL JAZZ’s members and others in similar international organisations. Regarding Research, it is intended to move forward with initiatives to stimulate the jazz research in Portugal, acknowledging to the importance of jazz and improvised music as a social and musical practice within the contemporary Portuguese culture.

PORTUGAL JAZZ also plans to be represented abroad by Ambassadors, Portuguese personalities living in other countries that conduct activities within jazz and improvised music, which will have representative functions at an international level.

Board of Directors, Portuguese Jazz Network