BIMHUIS updates spring 2023



Spring 2023 is a fruitful period for BIMHUIS Productions. We’re releasing two studio albums by artists-in-residence, presenting a new year of our REFLEX series and are collaborating with Holland Festival for an exclusive composition of Sofia Jernberg.

June 9th
Laura Polence & August 38th ft. Sofia Jernberg, Peter Evans and Cory Smythe

Every year, we invite musicians to create work that reflects on the world and its society. A personal response to a personal question. On June 9th, Laura Polence and the eleven-headed choir August 38th will take the stage.

Latvian vocalist Laura Polence has been active in the Amsterdam jazz and improvised music scene for over fifteen years. She’s part of the vocal ensemble August 38th, consisting of singers from The Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, Mexico and the US. The focus of this group is improvisation, while exploring different possibilities of the human voice. They will perform compositions by vocalist Sofia Jernberg, trumpeter Peter Evans and pianist Cory Smythe.

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REFLEX is a BIMHUIS Productions series and is made possible with help of Ammodo.

June 11th
BIMHUIS Productions x Holland Festival
Sofia Jernberg - Eroica I ft. Kit Downes, Petter Eldh & Kjetil Møster

In collaboration with Holland Festival we host Swedish singer Sofia Jernberg in residency. Jernberg curated a concert, using the painting Eroica I by Jean-Michel Basquiat as a source of inspiration. Basquiat derived the title from Beethoven’s third symphony. Jernberg has a love-hate relationship with Beethoven and his heritage and sees Basquiat’s painting as an explosive, immediate reaction that touches the core of improvisation and composition at the same time.

For this concert Jernberg gathered an ensemble with three improvising masters: bassist Petter Eldh (Koma Saxo), saxophonist Kjetil Møster (The End) and pianist Kit Downes (Deadeye). Lyrical music with rhythmic, complex ingredients.

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On BIMHUIS Records we release live recordings of composition assignments, debut studio albums of artists in-residency and brand new work created in BIMHUIS Productions. Work by artists with whom we have a special relationship. By artists with whom we have a rich history and with whom we would like to have a long-lasting future.

Earlier this year we released Intertwined by guitarist Ella Zirina. Intertwined’s creation started with Zirina’s guitar improvisations, which she developed with her trio. The residency gave Zirina the opportunity to compose for string quartet, which elevated the music into a brimming musical bouquet. The cherry on top are the guest performances by her mentor and acclaimed saxophonist, Tineke Postma.

On April 28th we’re releasing Ground Wire by Hristo Goleminov. The album is the result of Goleminov’s research into the aesthetics and compositional techniques of 17th and 18th century classical music from Europe. The classically trained saxophonist expanded his research into a live repertoire and studio album. He invited his octet to improvise based on his compositions.

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The albums were made possible with support by Fonds Podiumkunsten.