BIMHUIS Productions presents new work by Fuensanta, Yoràn Vroom, Ella Zirina & Hristo Goleminov



Our stage has seen a myriad of musicians present their work. But, the last couple of years we’ve also been developing talent under BIMHUIS Productions. A place for the production and presentation of new ensembles, ambitious compositions, and multidisciplinary performances. These plans take many forms, of which we’re proudly presenting a handful this June.

11 June - Fuensanta & Ensamble Grande (+ guests)
17 June - REFLEX: Yoràn Vroom
23 June - Ella Zirina & Hristo Goleminov

June 11th - Fuensanta & Ensamble Grande (+ guests)
Turning heads in Amsterdam and elsewhere, Fuensanta has been shaping up her own enchanting world. On June 11th, our New Maker will present new music, written in residency at BIMHUIS, and a photography exhibition. She will grace the stage with her brimming Ensamble Grande and other special guests, featuring Sun-Mi Hong, Sanem Kalfa and Alistair Payne among others. BIMHUIS to be painted in an abundance of color. Read more about Fuensanta’s grand entry here.

June 17th - REFLEX: Yoràn Vroom - A Forgotten Story…
The history of Jazz is one questioning and challenging the status quo. In honor of that spirit, BIMHUIS has invited four musicians in 2022 to create work that reflects on the world and its society. Sanem Kalfa kicked off the series in March, using decor, clothing and music to tell her story. On the 17th of June Yoràn Vroom will present ‘A Forgotten Story…’ - a reflection over the past two years in music and dance.

Yoràn Vroom will go on a quest through his personal history, inviting his friends and family along the trip down memory lane. With Itai Weismann, Timothy Banchet, Nathaniel Klumperbeek, Yariv Vroom, Fantison Araby, Vernon Chatlein, Sekou van Heusden and Yailah Vroom. Find more info on Yoràns concert for REFLEX here.

REFLEX is realised with support of Ammodo.

June 23rd - Ella Zirina & Hristo Goleminov
At the start of the year we welcomed guitarist Ella Zirina and saxophonist Hristo Goleminov - two promising musicians and composers, freshly graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Ella’s focuses on the textural and timbral qualities of her instruments, while Hristo employs the baroque sonata as a model for jazz composition. Both musicians are currently in the process of recording their composition to wax. In this double concert they will present their brand-new work in trio and octet.