BIMHUIS presents new series ‘REFLEX’



Jazz has roots in activism; in questioning and challenging the status quo. Every year, BIMHUIS invites four musicians to create work that reflects on the world and its society. Abstract or concrete, narrative or impressionistic, intimate or epic. A personal response to a personal question.

In 2022 BIMHUIS invited:
March 4 - Sanem Kalfa
June 17 - Yoràn Vroom
September 30 - Alistair Payne
November 2 - Kit Downes

Sanem Kalfa
REFLEX was kicked off by Sanem Kalfa on March 4th with an audio-visual work, presented by a dream line-up. Kalfa’s compositions and lyrics for REFLEX revolved around emotional change, while the set design and costumes of Ilgen Arzık dealt with change of the physical. Sanem Kalfa’s voice, cello and voice were surrounded by Fuensanta Méndez on vocals / double bass, Marta Warelis on piano, Kamucan Yalçin on vocals / clarinet and Sun-Mi Hong on drums. Rewatch the concert here on BIMHUIS TV.

Upcoming: Yoràn Vroom
On June 17th, REFLEX will continue with one of the greatest drum talents of the Netherlands. Yoràn Vroom and his band will present ‘A Forgotten Story’: a composition that looks back over the past two years, in music and dance. “Like a history student of the next century, who must rely solely on remaining sources.” ‘A Forgotten Story will be presented by Yoràn Vroom, Itai Weismann, Timothy Banchet, Nathaniel Klumperbeek, Yariv Vroom, Fantison Araby, Vernon Chatlein, Sekou van Heusden and Yailah Vroom. Find more info on Yoràns concert for REFLEX here.

On the 30th of September Alistair Payne will grace the stage, together with Martina Aprini, José Soares, Flore Kappayne, Tijs Klaassen, Sun-Mi Hong and poet Tongo Eisen-Martin. On the evening of November 2nd Kit Downes will present ‘DR. SNAP’: a collaboration of his trio ENEMY, Ben van Gelder, Robin Fincker, Ketija Ringa, Reinier Baas, Veslemøy Narveson and visual artist Juliane Schütz. Read more on the upcoming REFLEX concerts here.

REFLEX is a production of BIMHUIS Productions and is realised with support of Ammodo.