BEZAU BEATZ festival 2022

It has been 15 years since we startet our little festival in the idyllic Austrian village of Bezau (about 90 minutes by car from Zürich, 2 hours from Munich - close to the Lake of Constance).

Since then we are offering a quite adventures mix of Artists and music, creative, improvised, experimental … sometimes mixed up with even classical music or singer / songwriters. We have several very cool locations around the village: the garage of a historic steam engine, a panoramic platform 1650 m above sea, the workshop of a metal smith, an old sawmill … a chapel. All in walking distance from the center, mostly with wide open doors, almost open-air like … an intimate scene with an enthusiastic audience as well as artists from all over.

From the 4th to 7th of August we offer 20 shows which are scheduled linearly and you can get a hell lot of good music and joy out of it! 

Vula Viel, Maria Portugal’s Erosão Septett, Sudden Infant, Theo Ceccaldi & KUTU, Skylla, Leo Genovese (feat. Francisco Mela!), Christian Lillinger (solo), Felix Hauptmann´s Percussion Trio, Evi Filipou & the InEvitable, Luis Vicente Trio - just to name a few. 

Find our full programm here:
A little video-trailer here:

Bezau and its surrounding villages like Bizau, Mellau … offer very nice and kind hospitality: hotels and private B&Bs, incredible food, nature, farming, creeks and peaks and forest and fresh air.