BEZAU BEATZ 15th anniversary from 4th to 7th August

Coming August BEZAU BEATZ are celebrating their 15th anniversary.

It has been 15 years since the distinctive Austrian Drummer himself and head of Boomslang Records  Alfred Vogel invites musicians, friends and a growing audience to this remote beautiful Village of Bezau in the western part of Austria, close to the Lake of Constance. „This is an ideal festival, in its revelation of location and community magic. Space and sound are a lovingly-crafted equation“ says enthusiastic Nick Hasted (Jazzwise) about his experience in Bezau.

The bands are curated with a very good sense for a thrilling musical experience from free improvised music to Singer / Songwriters: Valentin Ceccaldi´s Bon Bon Flamme, Ruth Goller´s Skylla, Luis Vicente Trio, Evi Fillipou with her Inevitables, Maria Portugal Erosaou Septett, Leo Genovese Trio (feat. Francisco Mela), Sudden Infant, Vula Viel a.m.o will be playing the different locations such as a panoramic platform in 1650 m hight, a chapel, an old saw mill and the main location: the garage of a steam engine from early 1900…