Arts Center Nona, Abattoir Fermé & JazzLab become one in 2023



On 1 December Arts Center nona, Abattoir Fermé and EJN member Jazzlab have submitted one united funding application for a grant from the Flemish government, to continue their paths as one organisation. A shared vision and hunger for adventure led to this ambitious and innovative plan. The new nona will turn the structure of the arts center in Mechelen (BE) inside out and expand it with a stronger social-artistic line of work.

The fusion of an arts center with a theater company and a platform for jazz is unique. Artistic director Bart Vanvoorden: "Nona has been collaborating for years already with Abattoir Fermé and JazzLab, and our teams are driven by the same passion for adventure. We are convinced that we can realise our growth and ambitions even better as one organisation than separately. Extending the scale is not a choice for security, but one for more impact: on our audiences, on the artistic creations ànd on the art center itself."