Artists on tour 2017/2018

Below are the artists I work with that can be available for your events and programming needs in 2017/2018. There is also some information on them and what artistic projects they are touring. If you would like more information or to inquire about tour routings, bookings, etc. – please email me at


DEE ALEXANDER, voted "Best Jazz vocal" by the American NPR (National Public Radio) in 2014! A native of Chicago, her talents span every music genre, from Gospel to R&B, from Blues to Neo-Soul. Yet her true heart and soul are experienced in their purest form through her performance of Jazz music. From a soft, sultry traditional ballad, to a contemporary Jazz-Funk groove; from a high flying swing, to a scat-filled romp, Dee Alexander delivers each style with a passion and love of music that comes across in each and every note, and with a style and grace that is truly her own. After the success of her last album “Songs My Mother Loves” and the related tour - in 2017 she will be touring a new show to celebrate the 100th anniversary of: DIZZY, ELLA and MONK - with her Quartet - Dee Alexander (vocals), Miguel de la Cerna (piano), Junius Paul (double bass) & Ernie Adams (drums/percussion). For those who will be attending JazzAhead in Bremen (D) in April – you can experience Dee Alexander live with her musicians – she will showcase on the Overseas Night, Saturday, April 29th, 2017 (22h00-22h45). Availability: 2017 summer & October-November / special Christmas Jazz & Gospel program December

HAKIM (The Lion of Egypt), recognized worldwide as a leader of the movement to popularize jeel (music of the younger generation), Hakim is an innovator who has revolutionized the genre of sha’bi (indigenous Egyptian music and also the music of the people in the Middle East and North Africa).  His music adds modern rhythms to a foundation of traditional sha’bi melodies, resulting in entirely new sounds. Hakim is someone his audience can relate to, through songs that fuse traditional melodies with urban dance beats, and lyrics that chronicle daily life through the rhythm of street slang. His catchy music style has led to successful recording collaborations with; Olga Tanion, James Brown, Steve Wonder and Don Omar. His music has also been used in many major films and television shows and his music is also one of the most popular with belly dancers everywhere. Availability: In September-October 2017 HAKIM will be on tour in Europe – contact me for the tour routing (currently have confirmed dates in: France, Italy, Netherlands and Spain and looking for interested parties in; Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, UK and Switzerland).

MORY KANTE, legendary West African Griot, singer and musician (Kora). In 2017 Mory Kante will be celebrating his 50th anniversary as a professional artist! As part of the commemorative events for the occasion he will be releasing a new album and children’s Audio book – COCORICO “Balade d’Un Griot” (Harmonia Mundi/Pias). He will also have for the summer a new show that includes a selection of songs from the album and some of his favorite songs from throughout his career which spans from his days as a member for the Rail Band Hotel Buffet de la Gare de Bamako, through his planetary success with his big hit Yeke Yeke and until now. Mory Kante will also, have a special show based on the children’s book that is for young audiences. It will be possible to program him in the different types of events on the same day, for special occasions. Availability: Generally available – based in Paris (F) / new shows May onwards

SALLY NYOLO, one of Cameroon’s finest female singers and musicians (mvet) recently celebrated her 20th anniversary as a professional artist. After the success of her album TIGER RUN in released in late 2014, Sally Nyolo has a new album – MVETKORA – that represents a collaboration with the renowned kora player Djeli Moussa Diawara (Mory Kante’s half-brother) who is considered by many to be among the foremost of Kora players of his generation. The new album transports you through the African countries of the Fang people and also the Mandinka universe. Sally Nyolo & Djeli Moussa Diawara have a show they will be touring I 2017 & 2018 to support the new album. Availability: Generally available – based in Paris (F)

All of the above artists can also, generally, be available on request outside of their tour periods and for special projects – i.e. solo performances, TV, special guest, etc. – send your requests and we can discuss it with the artist.