Artists on tour 2016 - 2017

Didier Laloy (Belgium)
Elegant and eclectic, Laloy is one of the central figures of the revival of the diatonic accordion in Europe

Available Projects:
BELEM Didier Laloy (acc) & Kathy Adam (cello) 
BELEM & Ensemble Quartz 
Noir's (quartet, concert in the dark)
Didier Laloy & Tuur Florizoone (diatonic & chromatic accordion)

CD: BELEM,, 2014
Booking Territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy
Availabilities 2016: on request
Concert Dates 2015: 23.10. Budapest, WOMEX Showcase / 12.11. Kehl (D)
Concert Dates 2016: 25.03. Ettelbruck (L) / 23.07. Salzburg (A) TBC
Based in: Belgium

Maria João (Portugal)
The queen of vocal acrobacy presents an eclectic mix of ethnic music, modern jazz and avant-garde.  

Available Projects:
Maria João OGRE (trio or quintet, Maria's new electronic project!)
Maria João & Mario Laginha duo
Maria João & Mario Laginha Iridescente quartet

New CD: Plástico, Maria João OGRE (O-Tone Music, release Sept 04)


Booking Territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Central Europe / Germany in cooperation with O-Tone Music
Availabilities 2016: on request
Concert Dates 2015: 13.11. Novi Sad (Serbia) Maria João & Maria Laginha
Concert dates 2016: 29.04. Basel (CH) Maria João OGRE / 28.10. Duisburg (D) Maria João & Mario Laginha 
Based in: Portugal

Amira Medunjanin (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
The Queen of Modern Sevdah 

Available Projects:
Duo Amira Medunjanin - vocals & Boško Jović - guitar
Trio Amulette Amira Medunjanin - vocals / Bojan Zulparkafić - piano / Nenad Vasilić - double bass
Quartet Amira Medunjanin - vocals / Ante Gelo - guitar / Boško Jović - guitar / Nenad Vasilić - double bass 

CD: Silk and Stone, Harmonia Mundi 2014

Booking Territory: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy
Availabilities 2016: on request
Concert Dates 2015: 19.11. Zürich (CH) / 20.11. Linz (A) / 21.11. Wien (A)
Concert Dates 2016: 30.03.-04.04. Taiwan
Based in: Bosnia-Herzegovina / France 

Branko Galoić (Croatia)
Poet and dreamer between irony and melancholy

Available Projects:
Bigband Skakavać Orkestar 

CD: 82 Ej Ti Tu!?, Silvox 2011

Availabilities 2016:  March-April / on request
Concert Dates 2015: 25.10. Salzburg (A)
Based in: France

Maurizio Geri Swingtet (Italy)
Swing Manouche all'Italiana
Maurizio Geri - vocals, guitar / Luca Giovacchini – guitar / 
Michele Marini – clarinet / Giacomo Tosti – accordion, piano /
Nicola Vernuccio – double bass

CD: Swing a Sud, Materiali Sonori 2015

Availabilities 2016: on request
Based in: Italy

Renato Borghetti (Brazil)
Squeezebox gaúcho with passion and flair
Renato Borghetti – accordion / Pedro Figueiredo – Sax, Flute / 
Daniel Sá – guitar / Vitor Peixoto – Piano
CD: Andanças, Saphrane/Music&Words 2010
DVD: Renato Borghetti Quartet Europa, Estaçao Electrica 2012

Booking Territory: exclusive Europe & Mediterranean, non exclusive rest of the world
Availabilities Europe 2016:  July / October
Based in: Southern Brazil

Las Hermanas Caronni (Argentina)
Shades of Ravel and Debussy blend with the folk tunes of the Pampas: Clever, discretely sensual, endlessly elegant.
Gianna Caronni - clarinet and vocals
Laura Caronni - cello and vocals

New CD: Navegamundos, November 2015

Booking Territory: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Central Europe
Availabilities 2016: on request
Concert Dates 2016: 28.01. Freiburg (D), Kulturbörse / 28.01. Zürich (CH) / 29.01. Locarno (CH)
Based in: France

Gaia Cuatro (Argentina/Japan)
Just across the border of jazz, a magic blend of Argentine strength and refined Japanese tradition.
Gerardo di Giusto – piano / Carlos “El tero Buschini” – double bass / 
Aska Kaneko – vocals, violin / Tomohiro Yahiro - drums

New CD: Kaze feat. Paolo Fresu, Solis String Quartet

Booking Territory: Europe
Availabilities Europe 2016: July
Concert Dates 2015: 13.11. Chioggia (I) / 14.11. Epinal (F)
Based in: France, Italy, Japan

Danças Ocultas (Portugal) 
Four enchanting accordions from the edge of Europe. 
Artur Fernandes – acc / Francisco Miguel – acc / Filipe Cal – acc / Filipe Ricardo - acc

Available projects:
Danças Ocultas
Danças Ocultas & Dom La Nena
Danças Ocultas & local orchestra

CD: Alento, IPlay 2011
EP: Arco, Danças Ocultas feat. Dom La Nena, Uguru 2014

Booking Territory: worldwide except E, P
Availabilities 2016: on request
Concert Dates 2015:  Nov 07-14 China Tour
Concert Dates 2016:  14-18.02. Quebec (CAN), Showcase Le Rideau 12.05. Onex (CH) DO & Dom La Nena / 15.06. Lenzburg (CH) DO & Dom La Nena
Based in: Portugal

Donauwellenreiter (Austria/Italy)
Massive Waves Made by a Distinctive Sound 
Thomas Castañeda - piano / Maria Craffonara - vocals, violin / Lukas Lauermann - cello / Jörg Mikula - drums

CD: Messeï, Intuition Records 2013
Nominated for Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2014

Booking Territory: worldwide 
Availabilities 2015/16: on request
Concert Dates 2015: 07.11. Landeck (A) / 20.11. Innsbruck (A) / 01.12. Wien (A) 
Concert Dates 2016: 01.04. Bruneck (I) / 19.11. St. Ulrich im Greith (A)
Based in: Austria

Javier Girotto & Aires Tango (Argentina/Italy)
"Treated Tango": Argentine Tango meets Jazz improvisation.
Javier Girotto - sax / Alessandro Gwis - piano / Michele Rabbia - percussion / Marco Sinisalco - bass

CD: 10/15, Parco della Musica/Egea, 2009

Booking Territory: Europe (except Italy)
Availabilities 2016: on request
Based in: Italy

Maria Kalaniemi (Finland) 
The queen of Finnish bellows

Available Projects:
Vilda Rosor (trio acc-guit-harmonium)
Bellow Poetry (duo acc-guit)
Akerö (duo acc-piano)

CD: Kaustinen Live 2003, Akerö 2014
Booking Territory: Austria & Central Europe, Italy, Portugal
Availabilities 2016: on request
Concert Dates 2015: 22.10. Regensburg (D) / 23.10. Halle (D) / 24.10. Salzburg (A)
Based in: Finland

Mostar Sevdah Reunion (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Sevdah for the 21st century
Miso Petrovic - lead guitar / Sandi Durakovic - rhythm guitar / Senad Trnovac – drums / Marko Jakovljevic - bass / Nermin Alukic Cerkez - lead vocal and guitar / Vanja Radoja - violin
CD & Documentary: Tales From a Forgotten City, 2013

Booking Territory: Austria & Central Europe
Availabilities 2016: on request

Riccardo Tesi (Italy)
The grandmaster of the organetto and great innovator of the Tuscan Ballo Liscio.

Available projects:
Bella Ciao, the songs of the Italian Folk revival with Lucilla Galeazzi, Elena Ledda and Ginevra di Marco
Riccardo Tesi solo
Banditaliana (quartet acc-sax-voc/guit-perc)
Riccardo Tesi & Maurizio Geri (duo acc-voc/guit)
Riccardo Tesi Cameristico (quartet acc-piano-cello-clarinet)

Bella Ciao, Visage Music/Materiali Sonori 2015
Maggio, Materiali Sonori/Galileo MC 2014

Booking territory: Europe 
Availabilities 2016: on request
Concert Dates 2015: 19.11. Baden (A) / 20.11. Rohrbach (A) / 21.11. Innsbruck (A)
Concert Dates 2016: 28.01. Freiburg (D), Kulturbörse /09&10.06. Luxemburg (L)
Based in: Italy

Zamballarana (Corsica/France)
Archaic male polyphonies dance with jazz, latin and oriental sounds
Laurent Barbolosi – vocals, violin, trumpet, tres, banjo / Jérôme Casalonga – vocals, soprano sax, cueca, darbuka / Nicolas Debelle – bass / Jérémy Lohier – accordion / Vincent Geraldi – drums, balafon 

CD: Carnavale, Casa Éditions 2012

Booking territory: worldwide (except F)
Availabilities 2016: on request
Based in: Corsica