Artists on tour 2015-2016

Dear Colleagues,

The following artists will be touring in 2015/2016 – we are currently accepting booking inquiries. Some last minute dates can still be possible for this summer. 

◊ MORY KANTE ( – Legendary West African singer and musician (kora & guitar) will be touring. In early 2015 Mory's new single I Wouli Ka Don Ke (Africa Can Break Down The Wall) was selected by France's Canal+ as their hymn for all programs, on their multiple channels, related to the CAN 2015 (African Football Cup). He performed on a number of their shows and went with his group to perform in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) for events at the cup finals.

MORY KANTE will tour with a new lineup - he is accompanied by: 2 female backing vocals, balafon, keyboards, percussionist (djembe & congas), guitar, bass & drums. Full traveling party 11 people. This new formation makes travel much easier to handle. MORY KANTE can also be available for solo and featured guest projects and with his full band including a horn section;
As always Mory Kante's live concerts are special and not soon to be forgotten by the public!

◊ SALLY NYOLO ( - One of cameroon's finest singers and musicians (mvet) is touring to promote her new album - released in late 2014 - TIGER RUN (World Music Network / Riverboat Records). Here is a link to a recent video of the song - Kilimanjaro - from the new album.

Sally Nyolo's full traveling party, based in Paris, is composed of 7 people - Sally Nyolo on lead vocals, mvet & percussion is accompanied on stage by: 1 female backing vocals, guitar, bass & drums and includes a sound engineer. On occasion she also brings a kora player in her band.

◊ HAKIM (The Lion of Egypt) ( – renowned Egyptian singer and one of the Arabic world's favorite shaa'by singers (popular music of the masses). HAKIM has been enjoying a lot of attention in the media since the release of his song - Halawet Rooh - last summer. The song, which he performed live, in a movie with the famous Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe took off. Since then, alongside his many wedding and concert performances, he has been invited to host important TV shows and has been given his own music show – available on Arabic TV worldwide. 

HAKIM's powerful lead vocals are accompanied on stage by: 1 backing vocal, 2 keyboards, kawala, accordion, horn section (2 trumpets & trombone), percussions (2 duff, tabla, dohola), bass & drums – full traveling party of 16/17 people includes a sound engineer (FOH).

HAKIM's has always been one of the Oriental artists who's music's is most appreciated by western audiences. He has recorded and performed together with: Olga Tanion, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Don Omar and others. His music is used extensively in belly dancing around the world. Each concert is a high energy event from the first note. Everyone will be dancing before they know it!

If you would like to book a show for your event, festival or venue or learn more about any of these artist's touring plans, etc. - please contact me

Kindest regards – Juan Yriart

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