Artistic propositions from music:LX

Label : Laborie Jazz (FR)
Members: Pascal Schumacher (Vibraphone) (LU), Franz von Chossy (Piano) (NL), Pol Belardi (Bass) (LU), Jens Düppe (Battery) (DE)
Most certainly one of the best European vibraphonists, Pascal Schumacher has been relentless in assuring his position as a boundary-pushing musician, a resourceful improviser and an imaginative composer. He consistently achieves recognition in being awarded some of Jazz Music’s most prestigious titles: the German Echo Jazz for International Instrumentalist in 2012, the Export Artist of the Year Award from music:LX in 2012, the JTI Trier Award for inter-regional achievements across the euroregion of Saar-Lor-Lux in 2013).
Keen to explore the links that exist between many musical genres, he plays the vibraphone with a unique flair for improvisation and a lucid inventiveness which together creates an original sound as visionary as it is melodic.
Pascal Schumacher is a prolific artist, playing internationally with many different bands that resemble his eclectic nature.
Has Played : Duc des Lombards Paris, Jazz sous les Pommiers (FR), Brussels Jazz Marathon (BE), Jazzahead (DE), North Sea Jazz Festival (NL), London Jazz Festival (UK), International Jazz Festival Melbourne (AU), Cotton Club Tokyo, Motion Blue Yokohama, Jazz Promenade (JP), Jarasum Jazz Festival (KP), Nargen Jazz Festival (EE), Blues’n Jazz Festival Cape Town (ZA), Helsinki Festival (FI), Reykjavik Jazz Festival (IS), Ottawa Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival (CA) etc..
New album to be released in 2017 on Believe (DE)
 Pascal Schumacher and Maxime Delpierre first met in a brasserie in Pigalle sometime in January 2016. Even though they had never played a single note together, they somehow sensed immediately that they ‘clicked’. Enriched by their respective musical journeys, Maxime and Pascal agreed the time was right to embark on a new adventure. Leaving behind their usual battlegrounds (for Pascal, Jazz and Classical; for Maxime, Rock and Jazz) they have created a collective project birthed from all of these elements
but nothing that can really be labeled.
New album to be released in March on Jazz Family (FR)
The Organic Trio’s infectious groove, stellar musicianship and compelling compositions, have been flooring fans for four years across Europe and in the States. Composed by the American Brian Seeger (guitar), the French Jean-Yves Jung (organ) and the Luxembourgish Paul Wiltgen (drums), the trio has succeeded in updating the possibilities of the classic Hammond powered format, and even better, they’ve done it naturally, without any overt effort or artificial ingredients. Sure they swing out and get funky like their honored predecessors, but they also explore the ethereal, the poignant and the bombastic. It’s all delivered with enthusiasm, sincerity and, some might say, a fraternal love. Best of all, the Organic Trio has that special 6th sense that only comes when a band of kindred spirits gets to tour together for many years and hundreds of shows.
Organic Trio’s first album Home Remembered was released to widespread critical acclaim and makes the Top 100 JazzWeek National Charts in the United States. The second album Saturn’s Spell will be out in January 2017 on the French label Jazz Family.
Has played: Duc des Lombards Paris (FR), Planet Jazz Düren, ABS Köln, Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jazzclub Unterfahrt München (DE), 55 Bar NY, Jazz National Historical Park, Snug Harbor New Orleans (US), Like a Jazz Machine (LU) etc ...
Label : Double Moon (DE)
Members: David Fettmann (alto saxophone), Jérôme Klein (piano), Niels Engel (drums), Pol Belardi (bass, compositions)
The musicians from Pol Belardi's Force (formerly known as 4s) have their very own distinct approach of modern jazz quartet. The four young up-and-coming performers, led by Pol Belardi, who writes all the compositions for the quartet, are not afraid of taking advantage of their large musical background, drawing as much from classical and jazz education as from their distinctly open minds towards pop, rock, hip-hop and electronic music. The result is a fresh blend of modern improvised music, subtly expressed through Pol Belardi's original compositions, driven by strong grooves, exquisite harmonies, lyrical melodies, clever use of space, tension and release, diverse moods and a big amount of interaction and fun.
The Luxembourg-based band will be  a third album in this lineup in 2017 on German label Double Moon.
Has played : Göteborg GMLSTN, Kontoret Uddevalla (SE), Dizzy's Rotterdam, Musiekgebouw Jazz Festival (NL), Casa Da Musica (PT), Technopolis Jazz Festival, Preveza Jazz Festival (GR), World Music Limassol (CY), Orecchio Bocca Jazz, Trieste Round Midnight Jazz Club, Naples New Around Midnight Jazz Club (IT)...
Label: Igloo Records
Discography: Layer Cake (2014), Conspiracy (2007), Modern Times (2005)
Members: Jeff Herr (Battery) (LU), Maxime Bender (Saxophone) (LU), Laurent Payfert (Bass) (FR)
Jeff Herr's Corporation surprises with a new setting and dexterity, presenting itself now as a linear trio, without the need for a harmonically instrument.This new highly skilled and energetic trio relies on compositional abilities from each of the 3 members. Well-arranged and structured songs as well as wild and free improvisations cover the band's large repertoire, filled with some surprising cover songs from well-known Pop artists such as David Bowie or Jimi Hendrix.The strength and tightness of the band emerge from a strong rhythmical impact and emphasize the origins of music: the groove. Their new album will be  released in 2017 by the Belgian Label Igloo Records.
Has played: North Sea Jazz Festival, Jazz Rally, European Jazz Festival of Athens, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Guinness Jazz Festival (Cork, Ireland), Hanoi Jazz Festival, Saigon Jazz Festival, Hilden Jazz Festival, India Tour etc.
Click here: to watch the Jeff Herr Corporation’s live performance video.
Label : Cam Records (IT)
Dock In Absolute is a new trio from Luxembourg including Piano, E bass and Drums, non traditional, with Pop, Rock, Classical  influences playing songs composed by the pianist. Below you can find links with videos. They will be releasing their first CD on Cam Records in 2017.
Has played :  Yokohama Jazz Festival, Shenzhen Jazz Festival Fringe, Shanghai Jay Z, Beishan Jazz Festival,  Hong Kong Jazz Festival, Guangzhou, Paris Jazz Festival à la cité, the Ploiesti Hot Jazz Summit, Luxembourg's Jazz meeting, Stuttgart Jazzfest, Milano Teatro Fontana, Like A Jazzmachine Festival, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Brussels Jazz Marathon, Jazzit Festival Torino, B Flat Berlin,  Blues'n Jazz rallye....
Video Links:
Label: Laborie Jazz (FR)
Members : Michel Reis (piano) (LU), Marc Demuth (bass) (LU, Paul Wiltgen (bass) (LU)
The musicians of this band are active in different bands and projects and all have an international career. Each band member composes music for the trio, with the aim to create a fresh and forward thinking overall sound, one that is strongly influenced by popular music and the singer/songwriter genre, but with a core sound that remains in modern jazz. They play regulary with Joschua Redman. The trio is currently working on their second CD together that will be released soon on Laborie Jazz.
Has played : D'Jazz Nevers, Jazz Campus, Crest Jazz, Les Rendez-vous de l'Erdre,  Charlie Jazz, Têtes de Jazz Avignon, Festival Saveurs Jazz, l'Olympia, Duc des Lombards, New Morning, le Periscope, Théâtre de Caen, Jazz en Comminges, Festival Jazzy Colors (FR), Tokyo Cotton Club, Yokohama Jazz Promenade (JP), Forbidden City Concert Hall Beijing (CN), Jarasum Jazz Festival (KR), International Open Air Festival (PL), Cully Jazz Festival, Le Chat Noir (CH), Festival Jazz en Rafale, Ottawa Jazz (CA), Kriol Jazz Festival (CPV), Casa da Musica (PT), Santo Domingo Festival (DO), Akbank Jazz Festival, Istanbul (TR) Usadba Jazz Festival (RU)  etc…
Label : Hevhetia Records (SK)
Members: Pit Dahm (drums) (LU), Charley Rose (Saxophone) (FR), Lennart Heyndels (Double Bass) (BEL)
Pit Dahm, born and raised in Luxembourg, is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. After finishing classical as well as jazz studies in Luxembourg he moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to pursue further studies on the drums with Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse, Lucas van Mervijk and Gerhard Jeltes amongst others. In 2012, he won the Prinses Christina Concours with the Floris Kappeyne Trio. Pit recently won the Dutch Jazz Competition with the Loran Witteveen Quintet as well as “The Records” of the Keep An Eye Foundation with Pol Belardi’s Urban Voyage. His first album has been released in October 2016 on the label Hevhetia.
Has played : B-Flat Berlin, XJazz Festival (DE), Jazzolder (NL), Like a Jazz Machine, Luxembourg Jazz Meeting (LU)...
Label : Laborie Jazz (FR)
Members : Maxime Bender sax (LU), Manu Codjia guitar (FR), Jean-Yves Jung organ (FR) and Jérôme Klein drums (FR)
Maxime Bender’s new project, “Universal Sky”, with  3 French musicians Manu Codjia (guitar), Jean-Yves Jung (organ, playing with Bireli Lagrene) and Jérôme Klein (drums) is a French-Luxembourgish mix. This project is all about eliminating boundaries thanks to music, bringing people together what ever language they may speak.
Has played : Jazz à Vienne, Calvi Jazz Festival, Dijon Jazz, Festival Eclats d’Email, Festival Jazzy Colors (FR), Gent Jazz Festival, Gaume Jazz Festival (BE), Edinburgh Jazz Festival (GB), Bratislava Jazz Festival (SK), Kaunas Jazz Festival (LT), Leverkusener Jazztage, Burghausen Jazz Festival (DE), Jazz Festival Agadir & Tanger (MO), Athens Jazz Festival (GR)...
Label: Igloo records
Albums: Meeting (2013) / I see you (2009) / What you are afraid of? (2006)
members : Greg Lamy (guitar) (LU),  Gautier Laurent (double bass) (FR), Johannes Muller (saxophone) (DE), Jean-Marc Robin (drums) (FR)
New Orleans native Greg Lamy is the leader of this excellent and consolidated quartet. From 2004 they have released five albums. The last one, “meeting”, released on IGLOO records, is a very interesting and successful project. The Greg Lamy Quartet is an inspired and challenging formation where the pleasure of performing together and being pluralist at the same time are the decisive element, creating a unique jazz atmosphere.
Has played : Millau Jazz Festival, Baiser Salé, Festival Jazzy Colors (FR), Knitting Factory (NY), the Winter Jazz Festival (USA), the Jazz au Chellah Festival (Morocco), Kunstler Haus (Munich, Germany), Brazil (Rio, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre)
Video studio

Label: Yela Music
With an extraordinary musical complicity, the Luxembourgish all-round artist Sascha Leyand the French musician Laurent Payfert share an adventurous and effortless dialogue that fascinates by its immediate creativity. Inspired by the boundless world of sound, their music, delicate and minimalist, rhythmical and strong, sounds out the possibilities of both their instruments
and compositions, wandering along the crossroads of modern jazz, improvisation and instant composition. After three years of concerts, the duo recorded and released the album The Wee Hours.
Have played: Copenhagen Jazz Festival (DK), Jazz en Sol Mineur (FR),  Franco Festival Washington (US), B-Flat Berlin, Saarbrücken (DE) etc..
Label : WPR Jazz
Members : Gast Waltzing (trumpet and composer), David Laborier (guitar), Rom A. Heck (bass), Rainer Kind (drums).
Largo project is the project of Grammy Award composer Gast Waltzing. It is made up of a perfect and coherent fusion of different worlds. Sensual and innovating but not cold or calculating, this music is creative and dynamic. What makes the music of Largo so distinctive is Gast Waltzing's personal vision as well as his very unique way of scrutinizing jazz music. For their fourth album entitled 'Jazzed Up in New Orleans', Largo went to New Orleans where they found that little « je-ne-sais-quoi », providing them a new energy; the union between a jazz band from Luxembourg and the warm sounds of New Orleans. To convey the strength of these new compositions, Gast Waltzing envisioned a brass band to embed their personalities as well as their individual touch. The Soul Rebels (two trumpets, one saxophone, two trombones, one sousaphone, one snare and one bass drum) are featured on four songs, and the young organist Kyle Roussel plays on two tracks. The fusion is perfect! The album brings together different worlds all at once, those of gospel, jazz and also brass bands. It is alive, has melody, rock, and even sometimes makes you want to dance.
Have played: Yokohama Jazz Promenade, Sapporo Jazz Festival, Nango Summer Jazz Festival, Cotton Club Tokyo (JP), Beijing Ninegates Jazz Festival, Concert Hall Yangzhou, Shanghai (CH), New Morning (FR), Glasgow Celtic Festival (GB), Jazzhouse Copenhagen (NL), Koko Jazz Club (FI), Clearwater Jazz Festival (US), Pizza Express London (GB), Sibiu Jazz Festival (RO)...