Artist Roster 2014-2015



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Anthony Braxton
Trillium Opera (European Premiere)
Tri-Centric Orchestra (European Premiere)
Sonic Genome (8 hours performance) (European Premiere)
12+1tet / 12+3tet
Trillium Vocal Ensemble (European Premiere)
Lennie Tristano Project
Anthony Braxton Nonet (European Premiere) / Quintet / Quartet

Roscoe Mitchell
Roscoe Mitchell and The Note Factory
Roscoe Mitchell Quintet
Roscoe Mitchell Conversation Trio with Craig Taborn and Kikanju Baku (World Premiere)
Roscoe Mitchell Trio feat. Jaribu Shahid and Tani Tabbal
Roscoe Mitchell Angel City Trio feat. James Fei and William Winant (European Premiere)
Roscoe Mitchell Trio feat. Hugh Ragin and Tyshawn Sorey
Sound Trio feat. Roscoe Mitchell - Wadada Leo Smith - Tyshawn Sorey (World Premiere)
The Trio with Muhal Richard Abrams and George Lewis
Roscoe Mitchell - Muhal Richard Abrams (European Premiere)
Roscoe Mitchell - Milford Graves (World Premiere)

Henry Threadgill
Ensemble Double-Up
Dimples (European Premiere)

Muhal Richard Abrams
Experimental Band
The Trio with Roscoe Mitchell and George Lewis
Roscoe Mitchell - Muhal Richard Abrams (European Premiere)
Muhal Richard Abrams Solo

Wadada Leo Smith
Golden Quintet: "Ten Freedom Summers" (available also with string quartet and harp or with chamber ensemble)
Golden Quartet
Silver Orchestra: "Occupy the World: for Freedom" (European Premiere)
Wadada Leo Smith - Anthony Davis
Wadada Leo Smith - John Lindberg
Wadada Leo Smith Solo trumpet and electronics with projections

David Murray
David Murray + Living Colour (or The Roots) + The Last Poets: "Tongues on Fire! A Tribute to the Black Panthers"
David Murray Ensemble + String Orchestra conducted by Craig Harris: "Pushkin, The Blackmoor of Peter the Great"

Anthony Davis
Amistad (a lyric opera) (European Premiere)
X. The Live and Times of Malcolm X (a lyric opera)
Anthony Davis Ensemble
Jason Robinson - Anthony Davis (European Premiere)
Wadada Leo Smith - Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Solo

Ernest Dawkins
Chicago 12: "Black Op'Era" and "Un-Till Emmett Till"
New Horizons Ensemble

Michael Formanek
Michael Formanek Elusion Trio
Michael Formanek Quartet
Ensemble Kolossus
Cheating Heart

Dave Burrell
Windward Passages - a showcase (World premiere)
Peace Out
Puccini Trio
Dave Burrell - Steve Swell: "American Civil War" (European premiere)
Leena Conquest - Dave Burrell
Giovanni Falzone - Dave Burrell
Silke Eberhard - Dave Burrell

Marty Ehrlich
Rites Quartet
Exaltation Trio (European premiere)
Dark Wood Ensemble
The Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble (European premiere)

Taylor Ho Bynum
Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet / 7tette
Positive Catastrophe (European premiere)
The Book of Three (European premiere)
Taylor Ho Bynum - Tomas Fujiwara

Joe Bowie
Joe Bowie - James Chance
Mr. Defunkt meets James Chance & Les Contortions (European premiere)
BBRT: "The New Language"
Defunkt Millenium
Defunkt nEU Soul
Defunkt Big-Band Funk

Jason Robinson
Janus Ensemble: "Tiresian Simmetry" (European premiere)
Janus Quintet: "The Two Faces of Janus" (European premiere)
Jason Robinson - Anthony Davis (European Premiere)

Ches Smith
"The Music of Nina Simone": Xiu Xiu + s Smith & CheThese Arches (European premiere)
Ches Smith & These Arches
Ches Smith Trio/Quartet with Jonathan Finlayson and Stephan Crump (and Mat Maneri)
Ches Smith - Mat Maneri - Craig Taborn (European premiere)
Congs for Brums

Tomas Fujiwara
Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up (European premiere)
The Tomas Fujiwara Trio (European premiere)
Taylor Ho Bynum - Tomas Fujiwara

Wayne Horvitz
The New York Composers Orchestra
Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra
Wayne Horvitz & Bill Frisell: "Joe Hill's Project" (European premiere)
Zony Mash plus Horns
Sweeter Than the Day
Pigpen Reunion
Shuffleboil (European premiere)
Wayne Horvitz Solo

Special Project
Baikida Carroll: "Requiem for a Dark Horse" (European premiere)
The Group: "A Tribute to Marion Brown and Billy Bang" (European premiere)
Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora
Steve Lehman Octet
The Trio 3 feat. Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille (+ guest Geri Allen / Jason Moran / Vijay Iyer)
Oliver Lake Organ Quartet play the music of Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy (European premiere)
Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense
Liberty Ellman Quintet
Jeff Parker Trio (European premiere)
James Emery Sextet
Decoy Trio feat. Alexander Hawkins, John Edwards and Steve Noble (and special guest Joe McPhee)
Hamiet Bluiett - D.D. Jackson (European premiere)
Louis Moholo-Moholo - Alexander Hawkins
Under the Water feat. Myra Melford and Satoko Fujii
Camille Yarbrough's Ancestor House Band (European premiere)


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