Are you FREE? Music Festival 2016

Dunajská Streda - Slovakia
21–22 October 2016

21. October 
Venues: Kaviareň Choco Arden Kávéház / Béla Bartók korzó

Dušan Tribulík – Ivan Masaryk
The Spiros Satori guitar duo was founded in 2015 as its members felt the need for reflecting their lives with music. This has resulted in creating their own composed-improvised music inspired by nature and different life situations. Their live concerts are enriched by guitar effects and video recordings for a more thorough experience as well as for deepening the inner dialogue between the performers and the audience.

OFF Program:
Gabo Jonáš (klavír/zongora/piano), Samo Hošek (spev/ének/vocal), Miro Polák (kontabas/bőgő/double bass) – mainstream jazz

22. October
Venues: NFG klub / Béla Bartók korzó 788/1

Mateusz Rybicki – klarinét
Zbigniew Kozera – bőgő
Samuel Hall – dobok
The LEM trio is an ensemble of three bold improvisers exploring the potentials of their instruments in their colourful and vivacious music. The investigate extremes: silence and noise, always trying to turn them into coherent narratives. Mateusz Rybicki is an improviser playing clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone. Zbigniew Kozera is a double bassist active on the Polish improvised music scene. Samuel Hall is an Australian Drummer/Percussionist currently based in Berlin who spent the last eight months working in Europe as an improvising musician with Tony Buck and Han Bennink.

Szelevényi Ákos – Miklós Szilveszter (FRA/HU)
The saxophonist Ákos Szelevényi migrated to France in the last years of socialism. Throughout his career he has been playing together with a lot of musicians and also played in the well-known rock band, called Noir Désir from Bordeaux. His music has gradually turned to improvised music and he has found his own voice in the form of musical dialogues realized in duos. “...the stage is a sacred place. One does not step onto the stage for stealing the others’ time by »clowning« but for trying to get into harmony with the most essential phenomena of life through music.”

Szilveszter Miklós first started playing the violin and later he changed for the drums. He studied at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy but he considers playing together with his friends, such as István Grencsó, Róbert Benkő, Máté Pozsár, Péter Ajtai, Szilárd Mezei, Ákos Szelevényi, Mihály Dresch, Barnabás Dukay, Tibor Szemző, as the true learning process in his life. He plays regularly at home and abroad with such outstanding and free-thinker musicians such as Peter Brötzmann, Rudi Mahall, Lewis Jordan, Johannes Bauer, Marco Eneidi, John Dikeman, Han Bennink, Jasper Stadhouders etc.

OFF Program:
Durvacrew DJs
VJ: epres & és kész 

A Szlovák Köztársaság Kormányhivatalának támogatásával – Nemzeti kisebbségek kultúrája program, 2016
Realizované s finančnou podporou Úradu vlády SR – program Kultúra národnostných menšín 2016.
Dunaszerdahely város / Mesto Dunajská Streda
Instytut Polski, Bratislava

Main organizer

NFG klub, Jazz Club DS, Choco Arden, Durvacrew