Are You FREE? 2014

Are You FREE? 2014

Are You FREE? Internatiomal Music Festival 2014
10-11. october 2014
Venue: NFG klub, Korzo B. Bartóka 788/1, Dunajská Stred

The music festival „Are you Free?” is a festival of particular genres. We are waiting for all the music lovers who were able to keep a kind of openness in their way of thinking and music taste, without taking the age into consideration. We would like to give publicity to improvisatory music genres, which help us to get rid of our ordinary music concepts and everyday ways of thinking. Thanks to improvisations you will be witnesses to creation of unique works of art. Moreover, besides the representatives of the best international jazz scene and other genres as well we could see and listen to performers from Slovakia. The NA’CONXYPAN PT’s and Jazz Klub DS´s initiative is a unique struggle in the Slovak jazz scene, which hopefully gives a new impulse to Slovak jazz musicians, since avant-garde tendencies, like the free genre, are unfortunately pushed into the background. It must be borne in the mind that this will not have a positive effect only within this tendency, but the representatives of classical jazz scene can also learn a lot from it. The „Are you FREE?” project ensures more effective method of this studying, since those who are interested in can not only listen to the music but they can directly learn it from a famous contemporary musician within a workshop.


10.10.2014 - Friday
20:00 – AMP Trio (HU) & John Dikeman (USA)
21:00 – Cactus Truck (NL/USA)
22:00 – Jam session

13.00 - 4StatesSessions improvised music workshop
20:00 – Cremaschi & Kern & Sőrés & Tóth Quartet (USA/AT/HU/SK)
21:00 – 1724 (HU/AT/PL)
22:00 – 4StatesSessions closing performance

With financial support of The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
With financial support of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic – program Culture of minorities 2012
With financial support of the municipality of Dunajska Streda

AMP Trio (HU) & John Dikeman (USA)
AMP is a relatively brand new trio formed by three young musicians who play such great living legends as Mihály Dresch and István Grencsó. As members of the youngest generation of Hungarian jazz, Ajtai, Miklós and Pozsár explore the freshest directions of free improvised music. The trio are strongly infuenced by the two great innovators of the Hungarian jazz scene, so is the compromise-free attitude of the avant-garde movement in the Sixties. A.M.P. Trio is one of the most radical formations of Hungarian scene, a special encounter of three outstanding musicians.
This time the trio is supported by John Dikeman on sax. to create an overwhelming energetic formation.

Cactus Truck (NL/USA)
Cactus Truck loves collaborating, and does this very frequently. People like Terrie Ex, Jon Rune Strøm, Jeb Bishop, Nicolas Field, Peter Jacquemyn, Ab Baars, Han Bennink, Colin McLean, Teun Verbruggen, Dave Rempis, Hans Koch, Nicolau Lafeta and Gerri Jäger have been lending their qualities to versions of the band. Their first official album entitled "Brand New For China!" was released in March 2012 on Public Eyesore Records ( and well received by critics world wide, describing the music with mere superlatives. Next to "Brand New For China!" they released a cassette tape featuring Terrie Ex as a guest on the Beyt Al Tapes label called "Macho Sex with Terrie Ex", and a self made CD-R simply entitled Cactus Truck. After touring the Netherlands as part of the Young VIPs Tour with multiple guests, as well as touring Europe, Cactus Truck started off for an epic tour all across the US at the end of 2012, which included approx. 40 concerts. Cactus Truck definitely wants to take over the world, no doubt.
John Dikeman - saxophones
Jasper Stadhouders - guitar and bass
Onno Govaert - drums

Cremaschi & Kern & Sőrés & Tóth Quartet (USA/AT/HU/SK)
Free jazz and free improvisation in excellent international combination. Each member of the quartet is an important pioneer of improvised music in his own country.
Miroslav Tóth – saxophones
Zsolt Sőrés – zitherphone, tablophone, viola, home-made instruments
George Cremaschi – bass
Didi Kern – drums

1724 (HU/AT/PL)
Luca Kézdy was born in Győr, northwest Hungary. She studied aesthetics and philosophy at the ELTE University’s liberal arts department. She placed in the finals in the first national Jazz Violin Competition held by the Hungarian Radio in 2006, where she won the Audience Prize. She has been playing with her band Santa Diver (a violin-bass-drum trio) since 2006, they gave concerts on the Mediawave - and Ultrahang - Sziget Festivals, Budapest Mol Jazz Festival, Jazz Showcase at the Palace of Arts and at the Hungarian Cultural Centres in Paris and Brussels. She is in more genres like jazz, free improvisation, pop and fusion. She played with several bands and musicians like Free Style Chamber Orchestra, Nigun, Zoltán Lantos, Csaba Deseő, Frigyes Pleszkán, Ágnes, Tereskova, Erik Truffaz, Laurent Blondiau, Alexander Balanescu. Since 2010 she’s been a member of Varga János Project, beside of these bands she gives solo concerts and plays in different theatre productions.
Emil Gross, the 23-years-young drumming breeze from Austria, actively at home in the tension area between psychedelic, blues, drum&bass, afro-beats, avant-garde – turns his internal processes straight into tension-loaded, sensitive rhythmic spaces creating innovative sound spheres. As a studio-musician and multi-instrumentalist he is always searching for new ways of creating sound out of any materials, electronics or instruments.
In the past years he played with renowned musicians like Joe Fonda, Debbie Davies, Mike Kindred, Abdeljalil Kodssi, Paul Rogers, Istvan Grencso or Alexander von Schlippenbach.
Tomasz Leś, since 2004 professional guitarist who collaborated with different artists in various environments. He graduated as a master of arts the most famous Jazz Academy in Poland. Likes to improvise free but also, with his trio 100nka plays through diverse styles grounded in jazz and influenced by the eminences of the genre. He often treats his instrument in uncommon way trying to find new dimension of the guitar's sound boosting that with manifold effects and techniques. He is a member of polish famous hip-hop band. Also played with: Herb Robertson, Viktor Tóth, Ágoston Béla, Piotr Wojtasik, Antoni Gralak, Mikołaj Trzaska and many others.