Applications are open for the Intl Jazz Platform 2022

These days, more than ever, the improvised music industry needs support and a sense of solidarity. The crisis of the traditional music market, a difficult socio-economic situation, restricted access to mobility, regional inequalities in the level and access to education cause many artists struggle in the music market fearing for the stability of themselves and their families. In particular, young artists who are just beginning their education and musical journey, disconnected from the music community and deprived of the chance to effectively start a career, abandon their artistic studies and hope to develop their talent and passion.

Artists and all other actors of the improvised music industry need space and opportunities to meet their peers and other members of the music environment. A place where they feel a part of a community  and can share their doubts and reflections with others, where they can talk about their experiences and receive the support they need. A place where they regain hope and a sense of belonging by sharing their music and their stories.

Intl Jazz Platform is a place where young artists, experienced players on the international scene (faculty members and performers of evening concerts) as well as promoters and experts meet. Over several days they have a chance to talk, exchange experiences and support each other, both during formal sessions and informal meetings. This year, young artists from all over Europe will work and make music with our faculty members, top representatives of the European improvised music scene, whose work we follow and admire. They will have the chance to play and be a part of the same band, perform compositions and talk about the music with these amazing musicians and human beings: Sissel Vera Pettersen on vocals and saxophone, Susana Santos Silva on trumpet, Django Bates on piano, Ole Morten Vagan on bass and Paal Nilssen-Love on drums.  

This year’s edition of Intl Jazz Platform is a special one. First of all, it’s a part of the Creative Europe project “Footprints”, which is a new collaborative project that aims at reforming the music sector and introducing the values of social, economic and environmental responsibility to its activities. Created on the initiative of the Periscope from Lyon and Wytwórnia Foundation from Lodz, Footprints will be implemented with 4 experienced European partners Bimhuis from Amsterdam, Druga Godba from Ljubljana, Music Austria from Vienna and Oslo Jazz Festival and it will provide education, training and mentoring programmes for artists, agents and promoters.

Footprints means exciting seminars, workshops, meetings with promoters and mentorship by the most experienced actors of the European music sector. It also means tours for the selected artists and their bands around Europe. 6 participants of Intl Jazz Platform Footprints Edition from Poland, France, Slovenia, Austria, Holland and Norway will be selected to take part in the European tours that will take place in 2022 and 2023. 


Moreover, thanks to financial support of EOG and Norway grants we have established the partnership with the most prominent venue and cultural institution form Norway Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene as well as one of the most prestigious educational institutions Norges Musikkhøgskole. 9 years ago Intl Jazz Platform was created as a result of cooperation with Norwegian jazz musicians and inspired by the Norwegian artistic education system. It aimed at introducing the values characteristic of the Norwegian system, such as creativity, openness to different understanding of music, respect for diversity and freedom of expression.

Partnership with Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene means exciting master concerts of European artists. It also means a special edition of Intl Jazz Platform in Oslo for 20 selected Polish and Norwegian participants within the dates October 2 – 5, 2022.


50 young artists from Europe 
WHEN: 10 – 14 July, 2022 
Intl Jazz Platform is an educational and business platform for jazz artists. It is a space for creative exchange of knowledge and inspiration, as well as for meeting peers and other actors of the music sector in Europe. Intl Jazz Platform brings together representatives of the improvised music industry - students, experienced and established instrumentalists, promoters and experts. During several days in Lodz and Oslo they build a network of relationships, exchange experiences, learn from each other and share music together. Intl Jazz Platform is a creative environment for young artists, who can feel part of a larger European community and gain inspiration and knowledge from their role models. 
5 days of workshops for 50 young artists (all countries can apply)
A tour around Europe for 6 selected artists from Poland, France, Slovenia, Austria, Holland and Norway (concerts in the season 2022/2023). 

Travel costs (up to 150 euro),

Travel costs over 150 euro,

WHERE: Klub Wytwórnia, Łąkowa 29 Str., 90-554 Łódź, Poland

Participants apply be filling an application form and sending their music till APRIL 15TH, 2022 through the website: