Announcing the First Set Of Jury-Selected Showcase Artists

Berlin/Budapest: The 26th edition of WOMEX - the Worldwide Music Expo - will take place from 21—25 October in Budapest, Hungary. Today, the event’s producers Piranha Arts, have officially released the first round of Jury-selected artists, including three Club Summit artists.

With an annual call for proposals, open to any artist, in any country, the programme is put together by the independent and international WOMEX Jury, also known as the '7 Samurai': five focusing on the Showcase proposals and two on the Conference. A dedicated curator, together with the WOMEX showcase team, decides on the Club Summit showcases.

Faced with enormous challenges and numerous uncertainties in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the decision-making process was unlike ever before. For the first time in WOMEX history, the Jury meeting was held digitally, with each member taking part from their personal lock-down. We want to take this opportunity to share the Jury's choices with you right now. Together with this year's local partner Hangvető, WOMEX is committed to providing visibility to the Jury-selected artists and conference speakers, including those who may be unable to attend in person this year.

The following 21 artists represent 21 different countries, with a musical diversity that offers an opportunity to experience artists and genres – those known and those less-known – and to encounter new musical ideas that unite the traditional and contemporary.

The Jury-selected artists represent a variety of genres and styles: from Ghanaian Frafra gospel to cello and jazz vocals from Cuba; from accappella Hungarian folk songs with a modern and polyphonic twist to a new form of borderless Mediterranean future folk; from the re-imagining of Vodou musicality to the power of a brass band with electronics that embrace North African vocals. Meet and celebrate the selected artists and allow yourself to be taken on a musical journey around the world.

The first set of Jury-selected WOMEX 20 Showcase artists are:

Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy (Ghana)
Ana Carla Maza (Cuba/Spain)
Coşkun Karademir Quartet (Turkey)
Dalinda (Hungary)
Djazia Satour (Algeria/France)
Dongyang Gozupa (South Korea)
El Khat (Yemen/Israel)
Erol Josue (Haiti/USA)
Fanfara Station (Tunisia/USA/Italy)
Fokn Bois (Ghana/Romania/Hungary/UK)
Fulu Miziki (DR Congo/Uganda)
Hugar (Iceland)
Justin Adams & Mauro Durante (UK/Italy)
La Perla (Colombia)
Madalitso Band (Malawi)
Širom (Slovenia)
Son Rompe Pera (Mexico)
Yorkston/Thorne/Khan (India/UK)

Club Summit Artists

Guedra Guedra - كدرة كدرة  (Morocco)
Nickodemus (USA)
Studio Bros (São Tomé and Principe/Portugal)

Photo: Dalinda by Géza Galán