This year, more than 3.200 applications from more than 50 countries were filed for "Stevie - International Business Awards", which was organized for the 10th time. During the 10th Stevie Awards ceremony, where the best products, services and communication projects of the world are determined, Akbank Jazz Festival has received 1 golden and 2 bronze awards.

Akbank Jazz Festival, which is one of the most long-lasting festivals of Turkey, has received the Golden Stevie Award with its Jazz Radio project. Akbank Jazz Festival T-shirt Design Competition which was organized within the context of Akbank Jazz Festival as well as the "JAmZZ" viral video was granted with the Bronze Stevie Awards.

Golden Stevie Award to the Akbank Jazz Festival's Internet Radio Project

Akbank Jazz Radio, which broadcasted through the Ekşisözlük, as a part of Akbank Jazz Festival, met with its followers on the Internet between the 15th of October and 10th of November, 2011. Several people from the jazz community were hosted in the broadcasts at Akbank Jazz Radio, which also broadcasted music pieces from the previous festival lineup besides the current one.

Bronzie Stevie Award to the Akbank Jazz Festival's T-shirt Design Competition

The competition, which was announced through Akbank Sanat's Facebook page in order to determine the pattern of the Festival T-shirt, which was going to be worn by the musicians and the festival team during Akbank Jazz Festival, attracted a lot of notice. More than 4.000 t-shirt designs were submitted to the competition, which started on the Facebook page of Akbank Sanat on Wednesday, 3rd of August 2011. Until Tuesday, the 6th of September 2011; 2.446 designs, which met the participation conditions of the contest, competed to be the winner.

In the competition, which was acclaimed in the social media as well as in the press; designs, which were listed in "top ten" were evaluated by the jury and 'Jazz is for everyone' t-shirt design of Nil Müge Felekten became the winner.

Bronzie Stevie Award to the Akbank Jazz Festival's JAmZZ Project

"JAmZZ Akbank Jazz Festival Young Talents Competition", which was organized for the first time in 2011, gave the young and amateur talents the opportunity of becoming a part of the festival and making a Jam Session on the stage with professional artists.

The video called "The Exam of Istanbul with Jazz ", which was prepared for the promotion of the JAmZZ project on the Internet, was viewed for more than 200.000 times on various websites on the Internet. Young musicians, who were shortlisted in the "JAmZZ Akbank Jazz Festival Young Talents Competition" got the chance of taking stage at the Akbank Jazz Festival and Jazz at the Campus concerts in 2012.