Agreement between Puglia Sounds and EJN reconfirmed for 2018

We are happy to announce that the agreement between Puglia Sounds and EJN for the circulation of music projects from the Apulian region across the EJN membership has been reconfirmed for 2018! Puglia Sounds, an EJN member since 2012 and one of the most active and dynamic music realities in Italy, is the programme of the Puglia region for the development and promotion of regional music.

Please find below the list of new projects that were selected to receive support from Puglia Sounds for new album releases in 2018. These projects will be touring in the next season.


However, we remind you that ANY music project of Apulian musicians can be eligible to receive Puglia Sounds support. EJN members that will include music projects from Puglia in the programming of their festival/venue/club by maximum 15 December 2018 can receive a financial support up to € 5.000 to cover artistic fees and logistical costs.


All interested EJN members should write to: ejnapulia (AT)






TRIO TRIP was born in May 2018 in Bisceglie during Auand Days, the artistic residency organised by label manager Maro Valente. The trio, reacting to the atmosphere of the days of new meetings and co-habitation, produced different sessions based on total improvisation. The mood is the one of the Fender Rhodes, played with distorsions, flangers and other effects, that tends to indicate the dimension of the journey.


Mirko Signorile: piano & Rhodes

Francesco Ponticelli: bass

Enrico Morello: drums


ROBERTO OTTAVIANO: New Album « ETERNAL LOVE » - Dodicilune Records, Italy (it will be released in October 2018) -


"When François Bebey, a musician, writer and journalist from Cameroon, waved his Mbira, he let the fragments of bones resound inside him, like rattles. Bebey liked to say that this is the sound of the dead who are not dead, in the sense that they do not abandon us but rather guide us in the peregrination of our existence. In African cosmogony this is Eternal Love.


This idea inspired the new work of Roberto Ottaviano who, like in a prayer or an evocation, recalls to a tangible presence all the proud and combative beauty of the mother earth and its best souls (also in the reinterpretation of the music of Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, Dewey Redman, Elton Dean and Abdullah Ibrahim), to celebrate in these difficult times, the hope and the desire for redemption of the human race. It is the first time that thanks to a brand new group, Ottaviano immerses himself in a "mystical bath" in which the Jazz finally becomes Total Music".


Roberto Ottaviano: soprano sax

Marco Colonna: clarinets

Alexander Hawkins: piano, organ, Fender Rhodes

Giovanni Maier: double bass

Zeno De Rossi: drums



FOGLIANESE - New Album « Subconscious Jazz » it will be released in October 2018, distributed by Goodfellas (Italy), Herbie Martin Music (Germany and North Europe), Albore Jazz (Japan)


As often happens during creative processes, Subconscious Jazz is the result of the merging of two different approaches toward music that face one another, the listener approach and the musician one.  Just like in any well meditated artistic process that is not improvised, we tried to avoid subtractions due to compromises, trusting in, instead, the total of the virtuous contributions, their synthesis.


The close attention paid to the sound and to the timbre hails from the habit of listening while  from the music practice comes the need to be coherent to a theoretical position that is militant in the respect of the composition and the execution. As far as this recording is concern we tried to maintain the writing within the jazz lexicon as close as possible, increasing, at the same time the supply of timbres and instruments that is so common in now days music.


Differently from what we have experienced so often in the past, the purpose was not to cover with more modern sounds the traditional sounds, here the new virtual resources together  with the acoustic ones, the analogic and the digital have been means for the composition and guide to the arrangements. This working approach has also allowed the band to considerably change, accordingly to the type of live performance, from a wider group up to ten musicians to a duo performance.


Therefore, more than a contaminated music with no limits of genre. we have tried to achieve sounds with no boundaries, for a type of music where we tried, on the contrary,  to be faithful to its own lexicon.



SHINE : Kekko Fornarelli & Roberto Cherillo: New Album « MATTER OF TIME »  (it will be released in September 2018)


The electronic experimentation of the music of KEKKO FORNARELLI, Italian jazz musician known worldwide (with over 200 concerts in 40 Countries over the World in the past 5 years), combined with the softness of Roberto Cherillo's androgynous voice: SHINE, an exceptional combination of two rare personalities, two artists with unique styles, for a mix of sound suggestions ranging from pure jazz piano to electronics, passing through the northern European contaminations, the Anglo-Saxon trip-hop, the calls to the East. The voice and the instrument harmonize and support each other, amalgamating themselves to the distortions created by the synths, giving life to new atmospheres with an exclusive evocative force. The first SHINE album, MATTER OF TIME, will be out in September 15th with ESKAPE, in cooperation with Puglia Sounds Records. www.eskapemus




The singer Stefania Dipierro, also author and composer, is a visionary and vanguard interpreter, dedicated to the transversality of musical genres- from Brazilian beats to Afro and Northern jazz, electronic. Originally from Puglia, born in Taranto, has lived for years in Rome and Amsterdam. Her previous work is ‘Nicola Conte presents Stefania Dipierro: Natural’ LP FarOutRecordings London 2016 -  official video


Her new project "Stefania Dipierro & the Paz Community: Base Terra" took shape around the word PAZ - from Portuguese Peace - has the poetic contrast of nature, between strong and delicate vibrations. Stefania Dipierro in this album sings in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Italian.


The album has a musical-philosophical dimension of openness and inclusion, free from gender and territory boundaries. It has a musical movement that draws on old traces of MPB-popular Brazilian music-to British pop-rock and club-culture –caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque de Hollanda, Fujiya and Miyagi- meeting Mediterranean and Apulian sounds (accordion and drums), is enriched with 7 original tracks that, in line with the covers, open to a solar sound, sometimes nocturnal and dreamy.


'Stefania Dipierro & the Paz Community':

Stefania Dipierro: voice

Mirko Signorile: piano -yamaha YFP-70- rhodes

Vince Abbracciante: accordion

Marco Bardoscia: double bass - electric bass - electronic

Davide Penta: double bass - electric bass

Fabio Accardi: battery

Antonio Oliveti: ethnic percussion (Mediterranean and South American) and traditional (darbuka, tablas, bongo, congas, shakers, wood block ...) - electronic percussion

Emanuele Ferrari: traditional Mediterranean percussion of pizzica

Gaetano Partipilo: alto and soprano saxophone - electronic harmonizer

Paz Connection, feat. Fabrizio Bosso

Paz: Stefania Dipierro & Vince Abbracciante :

O que sera'

Por Toda a Minha Vida

PAZ : Stefania Dipierro & Marco Bardoscia


Canto de Ossanha (B.Powell V. De Moraes)



KULU SE’ MAMA - Nécessaire de Voyage - Dodici Lune Records, Italy


Nécessaire de Voyage is the title of the first recording of the Kulu Sé Mama quintet. The album features seven original pieces composed by Maurizio Ripa (piano) and Gabriele Rampino (tenor and soprano saxophone , sound design) and arranged with the other members of the group Maurizio Bizzochetti (guitars), Maurizio Manca (electric bass) and Daniele Bonazzi (drums). A jazz group originally linked to the avant-garde and to the post-Coltranean Africanism, then moves towards territories not unaware of a certain electric sound, fusion style, but with a language influenced by modernity. Spacejazz, odd rhythms, sudden trajectories, a prog soul. It maintains something transcendent and a character of ritual, something ancestral. Group in the historical sense of the term, where the unity of intent corresponds to a cohesive sound.


Gabriele Rampino: soprano and tenor saxophones, sound design

Maurizio Bizzochetti: electric, acoustic, classical guitars

Maurizio Ripa: piano

Maurizio Manca: electric bass

Daniele Bonazzi: drums


GABRIELE POSO - New Album "Organik Trio"


Italian multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso percussionist Gabriele Poso returns to the label with his new album ‘Organik Trio’. Since his debut album ‚Invocation’ on Agogo Records, released in 2014, Gabriele has amassed an impressive catalogue of solo works and guest appearances, not to mention a hectic schedule of live performances.


As an artist with a strong musical and spiritual vision, ‘Organic Trio’ is a true testament in great musicianshi and songwriting. The album was recorded live in the studio with his excellent musicians and traveling companions, the influences are ranging from the passionate percussions of African music to the vitality of latin beats as well as Jazz melodies that turn into a rhythmic language.


“Organic Trio" was recorded by bringing together all these elements and textures while at the same time maintaining the energy and synergies that only a live performance can give.