Adam Baldych projects on tour 2013-2014

"Without any doubt the greatest living jazz violinist. One can expect everything from him." 

Ulrich Olshausen from German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung“ about Adam Bałdych.
Adam BaldychDear Promoter
The polish violin-virtuoso Adam Baldych belongs for sure to the greatest talents in the european jazz. A first sign was the prestigous german ECHO Jazz Award for his ACT-album "Imaginary Room".
Baldych was early counted as a wonderkid. But soon he has chosen the jazz next to his classical education to find the freedom of musical expression. 
At the moment Adam Baldych presents two projects:
- His Imaginary Quartet with Adam Baldych (vio), Pawel Tomaszewski (p), Pawel Dobrowolski (dr), Michal Baranski (b).
Free dates:
- 15th october 2013
- 17th october 2013
- 28th january 2014
- 30th january 2014
- 31st january 2014
- 1st february 2014
- 2nd february 2014
- The Adam Baldych / Luciano Biondini Quartet with Adam Baldych (vio.), Luciano Biondini (accord), Michel Benita (b), Philippe Garcia (dr).
- 18th - 23rd march 2014
- 28th / 29th april / 1st may 2014
- 14th - 19th october 2014
You may also listen to Adam Baldych in the Iiro Rantala String Trio. Here some excerps from a concert in Basel (with a sensational Baldych-solo in the middle of "Heart Score" / from, minute 4.51 on):
Also here two videos of the Imaginary Quartet:
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