The 6th Bozcaada Jazz Festival Announces Full Details of 2022 Line Up!

The line-up includes Shishani & Miss Catharsis, Max Plattner Trio, NOUT and Almagest Quintet, while there are also special slots given to masters of the music scene in Turkey including Yeni Türkü, Hüsnü Şenlendirici and Alp Ersönmez.
The 6th edition of Bozcaada Jazz Festival will be held on August 26-27-28, 2022 under the main sponsorship of Paribu and with the support of Kendine Has, Volkswagen, Jack Lives Here, Metro Türkiye and Organics by Red Bull. The festival meets music lovers for the 6th time with the contributions of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA).
The festival programme, hosting new talents as well as the masters of jazz on its stage, was curated in collaboration with the member institutions of the Europe Jazz Network and unveiled its exciting line up last week, on May 26 at a launch event hosted by Salon İKSV in Istanbul.
Gizem Gezenoğlu, the Founding Partner and CEO of the Bozcaada Jazz Festival, underlined the healing power of music and the festival’s theme şifa (cure) in her speech at the launch and highlighted the importance of turning to arts, and music in particular, in times of crisis.

The spirit of music never ceases to exist in Bozcaada!
Created by 3dots and fermente, the festival features concerts that aim to balance the oscillation between mind, body and soul and be a revelation to everyone.  Bringing together soul, pop and indie rock tunes, award-winning artists Shishani & Miss Catharsis will perform in Turkey for the first time.
Also taking the stage are Max Plattner Trio, combining pop culture inspirations with jazz tunes, and the French band NOUT, whose members push the limits of their instruments.
This year, the festival focuses on the healing power of being part of a whole. Aiming to create that bond on the island, the festival also brings together the internationally recognized iconic tunes of the local band Yeni Türkü, the legendary and one of the most established bands of the Turkish music scene, and the clarinet master Hüsnü Şenlendirici who is a virtuoso of eclectic vibes.
The melodies of Almagest Quintet, each of which has deep-rooted stories just like the artists involved in this special project, radiate the jazz breeze under the plane trees of the Ayazma Monastery. The festival also offers music lovers the chill-dance session TWO, arranged with electronic infrastructures by Alp Ersönmez and Çağrı Sertel as well as Dilan Balkay's unique naive melancholy, a musical experience intertwined with different tempos and styles.
The common performance of Guillaume Perret, one of the most prominent names of French jazz, and Volkan Öktem, one of Turkey’s leading drummers, is preparing to whet the appetite for music.
Bozcaada Jazz Festival Concert Programme
August 26, Friday
Almagest Quintet (Cenk Erdoğan, Eylem Pelit, Hamdi Akatay, Tuluğ Tırpan, Volkan Öktem)
Shishani & Miss Catharsis (Erlinda R.S.S.P. Vranckx, Jaimie van Hek, Cecilia Moyano Adriaanse, Jasmine van der Waals)
Yeni Türkü
August 27, Saturday
Dilan Balkay
Guillaume Perret (FR) & Volkan Öktem
Max Plattner Trio
(Lorenzo Sighel, Marco Stagni, Max Plattner) (NL)
August 28, Sunday
Hüsnü Şenlendirici
İKİ (Alp Ersönmez & Çağrı Sertel)
NOUT (Delphine Joussein, Rafaëlle Rinaudo, Blanche Lafuente) (FR)
DJ sets keeping up with the jazz beat
Fahranoise & fecese, Harun Izer, Men With a Plan and Sheb accompany the alternative jazz sounds rising from the Ayazma Monastery with their most beautiful sets.
Are you ready for the KEŞİF programme?
The KEŞİF programme, with which the Bozcaada Jazz Festival spreads its energy to the entire island, focuses on areas of advocacy such as gender equality, ecological transformation and accessibility in its 6th year. The programme offers a selection of activities that appeal to different interests including cultural policies, the local and cultural history of the island, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, art and well-being.
The visual world of the festival was designed in collaboration with Monroe Creative Studio. Thus, the festival gives place to new talents as in other creative areas of the festival; created by Ecem Yüksel, the campaign visual designs consist of parts of a whole and welcome the visitors on the island throughout the festival.
This year, awareness-oriented content continues to be produced in collaboration with Volkswagen, which provides uninterrupted support for implementations in the field of ecological transformation and carries out the logistics of the KEŞİF programme, which is spread across the island.
Curated by Space Goats, the BCF Pop-up concert series will again be the stage for alternative sounds at the festival this year. In addition, the jazz agenda and developments in jazz will be discussed with the representatives of the Europe Jazz Network (EJN), of which the festival is a member.
While a podcast at breakfast and a conversation on "The Right to Rest" with Esmiyor is planned, "Climate Circle", one of Esmiyor's unique events, will also be on the programme. A get together with Merkezsiz, one of the most up-to-date organizations will take place; social entrepreneurship and ecological sustainability will be discussed with Kale Group.
This year culture manager Emre Erbirer undertakes the curation of various activities of the KEŞİF programme, which will take place in line with the festival’s areas of advocacy and touch many different disciplines. Events will include panels, discussions, speeches, screenings and walks.
The pace of the KEŞİF programme will never slow down throughout the festival. The new media service Aposto! is the programme’s content partner and, besides original activities, original content will also be provided via Aposto!’s publications. In addition, a panel themed “Visual and auditory performances in the new media age” will be held as part of the 32nd Akbank Jazz Festival Year-Long Jazz.
Pop-up concerts, interviews and activities in different disciplines with Paribu; gastronomic adventures with Kendine Has, as well as Bozcaada versions of special events such as “Can we be alone for a while?” and “Hack the City” are further experiences offered on the programme.
Whiskey tastings, workshops and talks will take place with Jack Lives Here; Metro Türkiye will host wine tastings, grape growing, vineyard tours and long table events focusing on island wines. Organics by Red Bull will again take part in the festival this year with various activities in the KEŞİF programme ranging from art disciplines to gastronomy.
Tickets for Bozcaada Jazz Festival are now on sale!
With the contributions of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), organised under the main sponsorship of Paribu, the festival tickets are on sale now. Here is the link to purchase at the best possible price to experience an incredible edition of the Bozcaada Jazz Festival, to be held between 26-28 August 2022 by 3dots and fermente.
Sponsored by Kendine Has, Volkswagen, Jack Lives Here, Metro Türkiye and Organics by Red Bull updates on the festival can be found on and social media accounts.
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