38st festival JAZZDOR-STRASBOURG, 10-24 november 2023: Travel, discover, hear, share

Nearly one hundred and fifty musicians from the United States, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Senegal, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Cuba, Indonesia, Lebanon, Turkey and Romania will converge and lay down their bags in Strasbourg in November.

The panorama of today's jazz we offer will give you the opportunity to see and hear the most exciting musicians of the moment. We've selected them with care, off the beaten track.

In November, we'll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of ”Jazzpassage", the Franco-German programme we created with Offenburg's Kulturbüro, and we'll be hosting the Franco-German 'premiere' (Jazzdor in Offenburg) of saxophonist and composer Daniel Erdmann's sextet Thérapie de couple to mark the event.

An important new concept this year is "Jazzdor under the stars", as most of our afternoon concerts will take place at the University of Strasbourg's new Planetarium. The programme has been intended with this unusual venue in mind, and the artists playing there will interact with images of interstellar travel projected in 3D onto the dome.
This whole network of artists, producers and countries, the 'making things together' know-how it involves and the desire to share with others, weave the work that we are constantly putting back on the drawing board. Where we stand, a place for human and artistic encounters that go beyond the concerns of belonging and territory, we continue to build bridges so that artists and audiences can meet and come together in the best possible conditions.
Philippe Ochem, director of Jazzdor