35th Belgrade Jazz Festival October 21st to 28th 2019

Join us for a JAZZ CELEBRATION at 35th Belgrade Jazz Festival from October 21st to 28th 2019!

Jubilee 35th edition of Belgrade Jazz Festival will offer extended pleasures! It will add few more remarkable experiences, offering a sheer celebration of jazz artistry at its best, as well as the uniquely warm atmosphere of all concerts in Belgrade, where music is still… music!

Charles Lloyd Kindred Spirits, Mingus Big Band, Dianne Reeves and Quartet,  Ketil Bjørnstad, Stanley Clarke Band,  Henri Texier Sand Woman, Michael Wollny Trio, Jazzmeia Horn, Laila Biali Trio, Gilad Hekselman Trio, Henry Spencer and Juncture, Nicola Conte, Nikolov-Ivanović Undectet feat. Magic Malik, Flat Earth Society, Steve Coleman and Five Elements, Théo Ceccaldi “Freaks”, Maciej Obara Quartet Unloved, Shake Stew, Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE, Francesco Diodati Yellow Squeeds, João Mortágua “AXES”, Ilugdin Trio feat. Tanya Balakirskaya, + Serbian Showcase: Dragon’s Fuel , Rastko Obradović Quartet, Milan Stanisavljević Quintet.

Belgrade Jazz Festival is a week of jazz music celebration at the end of every October, with more than 25 concerts in the main and late night programs, and special events such as jam sessions, youth jazz bands presentations, workshops, panels, promotions, exhibitions... Perfect opportunity both for the jazz lovers and the professionals from worldwide jazz family to gather in the intimate setup of the venue, at the very center of Belgrade - one of the most vibrant European cities, and to enjoy a week of great jazz, but also to meet the world class artists and representatives of various jazz media outlets, from USA, all over the Europe, to Russia.