35. Schaffhauser Jazzfestival

The new lightness of jazz

The 35th Schaffhauser Jazz Festival from 20 to 25 May 2024 will boldly present a colorful bouquet of regionally and stylistically heterogeneous jazz flowers. The exciting combination of established talent and lesser-known discoveries will make you jump on your feet and capture your attention! The trend this year is that many bands do not come from the jazz metropolis of German-speaking Switzerland. Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland are well represented. In May Schaffhausen will be under the banner of contemporary Swiss jazz, the 2024 edition presents itself as a colorful bouquet of plants different from a regional and stylistic point of view.

Even in its 35th year the basic concept of the Schaffhauser Jazz Festival as a national showcase remains unchanged as we are convinced that lively music and lively art needs an exchange platform in order to develop further. Attributes such as innovation and passion are the fire of creation. As a festival we are always on the move, communicating and amplifying these concepts, ensuring that the music reaches as many open ears as possible.

Full programme available on: www.jazzfestival.ch
Poster by Walter Pfeiffer