30. Schaffhauser Jazzfestival 22 - 25 May 2019

22-25 May 2019

Again at the 30th Schaffhausen Jazz Festival the programme reflects the Swiss jazz scene and follows its continuity.

Timeliness guides the selection. Opening - improvisational music originally from America - is a tendency that continues. In 2019, nearly 100 musicians will be playing Schaffhausen's stages, making music, talking and performing. Stylistically without blinkers, they demonstrate the variety of contemporary jazz in our country in a variety of timbres.

With saxophone, timpani and trumpets, with alphorn and yodel, the festival opens its doors to the largest Romanesque sacred building in Switzerland, the Schaffhausen Cathedral. The Bürgermusik Luzern, one of the most renowned brass orchestras in Switzerland, with five soloists and soloists from the alphorn and yodelling scene and the improvising Bernese tenor saxophonist Marc Stucki will pulverize all stylistic barriers in the composition that Stephan Hodel wrote for the Schaffhausen Jazz Festival.

On the following days, current productions by established jazz musicians such as Sylvie Courvosier, Christy Doran, Elina Duni and Samuel Blaser will be on the anniversary tableau. For years, they all have made their mark on the local jazz scene. New faces like Marc Mean, Roman Nowka, Manuela Keller and Lukas Mantel are hot on their tail. Everybody has the passion to reinvent and develop their music over and over again.

Full programme: http://www.jazzfestival.ch/