"3 days of Jazz" winter Festival in Saalfelden

3 Days of Jazz, 20th – 22nd of January 2017, Saalfelden, Austria

Friday, 20.01.2017, 08.00 pm - Kunsthaus Nexus

Ulrich Drechsler Trio
“Beauty doesn’t ask for attention” - Austria
Ulrich Drechsler – clarinets Judith Ferstl – double bass Judith Schwarz – drums
When words lose their power, the limitless, unequivocal world of music opens up. Ulrich Drechsler’s music aims at reaching listeners directly and touching them at their core. With his trio, he succeeds at expressing everything that is important to him, thus creating music imbued with intimacy, passion, and love.

Friday, 20.01.2017, 10.00 pm - Kunsthaus Nexus

Anat Fort trio + Gianluigi Trovesi
„Birdwatching“ - Israel, Germany, Italy, USA
Anat Fort - piano Gianluigi Trovesi - alto clarinet Gary Wang - double bass Roland Schneider - drums
For her album “Birdwatching” Israeli pianist Anat Fort augments her long-established trio – with bassist Gary Wang and drummer Roland Schneider – with a special guest: Italian reedman Gianluigi Trovesi. Fort and Trovesi have made a number of appearances together in recent years (from Italy’s Novara Jazz Festival to the Tel- Aviv Opera House), to critical acclaim, and Birdwatching, with its lively bright music, takes their rapport to the next level. There is an alert sense of joy in the playing. Of her album’s title Anat Fort says, “Many of my songs are inspired by movements of things in nature: animals, clouds, winds, water“

Saturday, 21.01.2017, 02.00 pm

Stöcklalm Leogang Hotrod’s Band
Alex Willinger – guitar, vocals Bernhard Ostermaier – bass Marcel „Sal“ Chytra – drums
The Hotrods are a dyed-in-the-wool blues band whose fame has travel beyond Austria’s borders into Bavaria. Alex Willinger, Bernhard Ostermaier, and Marcel “Sal” Chytra are known for their musical wit and spontaneity. Audiences at the Alm stage can look forward to their honest, passionate, and groovy blues-rock.

Saturday, 21.01.2017, 08.00 pm – Kunsthaus Nexus

Interzone & Schleiermacher
Austria, Germany
Mario Rom - trumpet Lukas Kranzelbinder - double bass Herbert Pirker - drums Johannes Schleiermacher - tenor saxophone
According to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Mario Rom, an artist from the Austrian province of Styria, plays the trumpet “as if his life depended on it.” Another paper praises his trio Interzone for its “immortal sound.” The trio’s musicians have coolly shrugged off critics’ attempts to upstage each other in their superlative praise. They just play an honest type of jazz that audiences love-a type of jazz in which anything goes. Expanding the trio into a quartet also constitutes a legitimate move. German saxophonist Johnny Schleiermacher, the most recent addition to the ensemble, can hold not only a candle, but an entire candelabra to Rom. Audiences and critics are rendered speechless as they listen to the quartet’s musical escapades.

Saturday, 21.01.2017, 10.00 pm – Kunsthaus Nexus

Giovanni Guidi/Gianluca Petrella/Louis Sclavis/Gerald Cleaver
“Ida Lupino” - Italy, France, USA
Giovanni Guidi – piano Gianluca Petrella – trombone Louis Sclavis – clarinet, bass clarinet Gerald Cleaver – drums
“Ida Lupino” is a refreshingly creative album showcasing the extraordinary talents of two Italian partners-in-improvisation—pianist Giovanni Guidi and trombonist Gianluca Petrella. Listeners could not help but notice how attuned they were to each other six years ago when they performed together in Enrico Ravas’ band. Since then, their collaborative endeavor has evolved even more. The duo also continues to seek encounters with other improvisers. In 2017, Gerald Cleaver and Louis Sclavis, two masters of contemporary jazz, will be joining them. According to Petrella, all four musicians are totally on one wavelength.

Sunday, 22.01.2017, 11.00 am – Mining Museum Leogang

Ulrich Drechsler Solo
"The Monk In All Of Us" - Austria
Ulrich Drechsler - bassett horn
A creator of a very distinctive musical language, pianist Thelonius Monk has gone down in 20th century history as one of the finest style icons of jazz. Inspired by Monk’s work, Ulrich Drechsler has wanted to dedicate a solo performance to his idol for a long time. Now his wish is coming true. Drechsler will bring Monk’s music to life on a bassett horn, an alto clarinet mostly used in chamber music concerts to perform works by W.A. Mozart or Karlheinz Stockhausen. Audience can look forward to a concert in intimate atmosphere by the winner of an Amadeus Music Award!

Sunday, 22.01.2017, 02.00 pm – Mining Museum Leogang

Marco Ambrosini & Jean Louis Matinier
Italy, France
Marco Ambrosini - nyckelharpa Jean Louis Matinier - accordeon
Marco Ambrosini is one of very few musicians playing nyckelharpa outside the Swedish folk tradition, and Jean-Louis Matinier has similarly taken the accordion beyond any ‘folkloric’ frame of reference. On the present disc, the French-Italian duo plays a programme inspired by the baroque sonatas of Bach and Biber but also by the lyrical cadences of Pergolesi. They adapt and arrange works of each of these masters, and contribute compositions of their own.