25th anniversary of AsiaNetwork concert series at A-Trane

Dear Jazz partners and friends,

I am very happy to announce my this year´s anniversary of 25 years AsiaNetwork!
I will celebrate this special occasion with a concert series at the famous Berlin jazzclub  A-Trane from June 14-18, 2022. Unfortunately I couldn´t invite all artists and bands I work with!

This is the programme:

June 14: Aki  Takase´s Carmen Rhapsody w. Aki Takase-p,  Mayumi Nakamura-mezzo, Daniel Erdmann-tsax, Vincent Courtois-ce
June 15: Quique Sinesi 4tet w. Quique Sinesi-git, Nana Tarui-vio, Franzi Aller-bs, Daniel Topo Gioia-perc
June 16: Zelia Fonseca & Magdalena Matthey Trio w. Zelia Fonseca-git, comp, Magdalena Matthey-Git, voc, comp, Angela Frontera-dr, perc
June 17: 1. set: Ulrike Haage -p, comp, 2. set THE CLARINET TRIO w Gebhard Ullmann-bcl, Jürgen Kupke-cl, Michael Thieke-acl,cl
June 18: 1. set Susi Hyldgaard-p,laptop, voc, 2. set Johannes Enders 4tet w. Johannes Enders-tsax, Jean Paul Brodbeck-p, Joris Teepe-bs, Howard Curtis-dr

I hope to see the one or other in Berlin!!